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SEO Jobs in Preston (online marketing)

I’m putting it out there that a guy I know is looking to recruit an SEO / Internet Marketer. They are based in the centre of Preston, Lancashire (near the Prison).

I’d really like to try and help him out finding the right person for the role. If you’re looking for a SEO job in Preston please let me know.

It’s a new role, the company being quite sales orientated in their outlook at the moment, however they are moving more towards a marketing orientated business model so whoever gets on board at this point will be central to not only developing the online marketing strategy but also direction the company takes in general.

SEO Jobs in Preston

The business has multiple websites so it’s not just a case of making one website work and on top of that there are plans to put in place a number of other sites in the future so there’ll be plenty of scope for SEO work. You’ll also have to be able to put in place a decent marketing strategy to get things going and also come up with a plan for customer retention – but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

It’s a medium-grade role, they’ll pay relatively well for the area and the business is doing well and is in an industry where the margins are high so I think it would be a good find for anyone looking for that kind of role.

Preston SEO Jobs

Send me an email to if you’re interested in a Preston SEO role or really have Online Marketing skills in general and think you might be a good fit for an up and coming business.

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