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SEO Statistics For 2021 And What They Mean For Your Business

Looking for SEO statistics for 2021? You’re in the right place.

Use these SEO stats to help form the basis of your 2021 SEO strategy.

Here we go.

Some Solid SEO Stats For 2021

Titles that contain a question have a 14.1% higher click through rate than those pages that don’t. (

When writing your content calendar and optimising your site, make sure a good number of your page titles contain a question.

The number 1 website in Google enjoys 31.7% of all click throughs. (

If your SEO strategy doesn’t include a plan to get to the top spot, you need to be asking yourself why. Don’t be put off by the competition. Find your niche keywords and go hard.

SEO stat for 2021

SEO brings in over 1000% more traffic than organic social media. (

We aren’t doing SEO for the good of our health. It works! Social media should form a part of your marketing strategy, but not all of it.

Typically, traffic that does come from social doesn’t perform all that well. It isn’t as warm as someone who has actively searched for your service or goods.

Over 90% of web pages get zero traffic. (Ahrefs)

Shocking but true. That’s because there is so much rubbish on the internet.

Google is starting to clamp down on it. All that shit costs them money so it looks as if they are making quality more important than quantity.

Rumours seem to be that you can no longer put a load of blogs on and point them to your key page to get the page to rank. Each page needs a purpose for it to rank.

On average, pages at the top of Google are 3 years old. 22% of pages in the top 10 were created within one year. (Ahrefs)

Be patient. Organic SEO takes time. But, boy, is it worth it.

75% of webpages in the top ranking positions have a meta description. (Ahrefs)

It’s not a ranking factor, but if you don’t have one, Google will select one for you. Why leave it to chance?

2021 SEO statistics

It is your best shot at convincing someone to click through to your site and be happy with what they have clicked onto (thus sticking around and giving you great user signals).

Computer Usage

In the UK, 87% of adults use the internet daily. (ONS)

And that continues to rise. It is the over 65s that drags that stat down and even they are getting with the programme. In 2019, for the first time, the number of over 65s using the internet for shopping went above 50% (54%).

78% of adults use the internet to find information about goods or services. (ONS)

If your business isn’t on the internet and isn’t ranking, you are missing such a large and effective route to market.

Among all adults, 82% shopped online at least once in 2019. (ONS)

Or, to put it another way, SEO for an e-commerce website gives you access to more than three-quarters of the adult population. The ROI on that is going to be fantastic!


63% of all Google searches are from a mobile device. (Oberlo)

Your website needs to be responsive. That means it works as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

Search Engine

92.6% of all traffic comes from Google, Google Maps and Google Images. (SparkToro)

No, SEO is not dead. Facebook and Pinterest are not taking Google’s market share. Keep optimising for Google, people.

That’s not to say ignore Facebook and Pinterest. They can drive traffic to your site an help your rankings by sending social signals to Google.

Be sure you put your business on a Google My Business account to take advantage of it being on Maps.

organic SEO stat

3.5 Billion searches on Google are performed every day. (Oberlo) and 84% of people use Google 3 times a day or more. (Oberlo)

That just shows the phenomenal power of Google and how it has infiltrated our lives. If you are looking for an SEO stat that will help you decide whether or not SEO is worth it, surely that has to be it?

53% of all search traffic is organic. (

For me, this is the most interesting statistic on the page. More than half of web traffic comes from organic searches on Google. That means social media, PPC, email newsletters, backlinks, advertising and so on account for the other half altogether. PPC makes up the lion’s share of that other 47%.

Do you need SEO for your business? You decide.

Now, of course there are some drawbacks to organic traffic and some benefits of using the other channels.

Arguable PPC sends warmer leads to your site. Social media is cheaper. Email newsletters serve a few purposes other than driving traffic.

But it is undeniable that organic SEO is a vital part of a well rounded inbound marketing strategy. (I would say that, right?) When you are devising your strategy for 2021, don’t neglect it.

Especially if your business is B2B.

B2B SEO Stats for 2021

B2B Companies generate 2X more revenue from Organic search than any other channel (

Given that the traffic websites receive through organic search is so high, it is probably not surprising that it pays dividends for B2B businesses.

It is harder to reach business owners looking for business services through social media because they are not usually looking for services for work when they are using it. The intent is different.

Even LinkedIn is not ideal. How many times have you found a service for work on LinkedIn?

When we break down where the traffic does typically come to for B2B businesses it is clear where your SEO strategy should focus.

B"B SEO statistics for 2021

B2B companies get 52.7% of traffic through organic search, 0.9% through social media, 22.9% through paid search and the other 23.4% through the other channels put together. (

A good inbound marketing strategy for a B2B business will focus on generating content for a well optimised, highly usable site and building backlinks.

A fantastic strategy will also include a PPC element.

E Commerce:

E-commerce is tough these days. Harnessing the tools around you and other companies SEO is a good way to go.

54% of product searches start on Amazon. (Oberlo) Despite….

There being between 12M to 24M e-commerce sites in the world.  (

What does this mean for your business? That you have to do a lot of work to beat your competitors and then you are only getting 46% of the market share.

So how do you compete?

Carve out your niche.

Amazon is great if you know exactly what you want or you aren’t fussy about it. To beat Amazon you need to offer something on your website that Amazon doesn’t.

Our lovely client, Kennedy Wild Bird Food, is a great example of this. The site has some great products. But honestly, I can find similar on Amazon.

What is fantastic about this website is it has a massive compendium of information about birds, bird watching, bird habitat and so on. Consider how that works for them.

Bird enthusiasts find their site by organically searching for bird-related terms. They come on a website that demonstrates it really cares and understands birds, as do they. They are more likely to keep visiting the site for information and more likely to buy from it, rather than Amazon.

To Summerise

Organic SEO is a slow burn. It can take around three years to get your pages ranking in the top 10.

It really needs to be seen as a long term strategy that needs chipping away at year on year. It is accumulative. It snowballs. Once you start ranking and getting traffic, you rank higher and higher.

Without it, you are missing a lucrative route to an enormous market.

If you would like help writing or executing your SEO strategy, get in touch with us.

Here is how we can help.

See you next time.

Hannah x

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