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We provide a full suite of digital marketing services, all designed to boost traffic to your website, convert visitors and grow your business.  

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We have all the digital marketing services you could ever wish for. Whether you want a full programme of services or just a page of content we can help. 


Digital Marketing


We Will Get You Noticed Online

Digital Marketing Services

GrowTraffic gets your business noticed online. Our approach is fresh, yet reliable, and guarantees results. 


We will boost your search engine rankings and grow your social media following to increase your client base. 


We work with clients of any size, and with any budget. Our contract lengths can be tailored to suit you, making us the perfect digital marketing partner for any business.  


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Do you need words? No matter what type of copy you need we have the words to help propel your business forward, persuade and increase sales. Types of content we produce include case studies, blogs, press releases and web content. We are also happy to edit or proofread existing copy.

Our copywriting service always starts with establishing your ‘voice’, how you want your business to be perceived, and who will be reading your content. All our copywriting services are charged by the hour or by project as our clients find this provides better value and a tighter finished piece. 

Digital marketing covers a huge range of services, including branding, content marketing and content amplification. In a nutshell, these three services cover establishing your brand, producing content, and then getting your content out there in front of your customers.  

We provide every service you would expect to find from a digital marketing agency, including often offline marketing services, such as printed media. From designing you a new logo to managing pay per click campaigns, we can create, analyse and boost your online presence.  

Digital Marketing services that work around you.  Prices start from £60 per hour! 

Our speciality area, search engine optimisation is at the heart of our business. Whether you’re a business owner who doesn’t have the first clue about SEO or a marketing manager who just doesn’t have the time to dedicate to boosting your ranking, we can help.  

We provide SEO auditing services, competitor and keyword analysis, technical SEO and auditing, and most importantly, SEO reporting. Everything you need to help your business rank in search engines and attract new customers.  

Websites designed without SEO in mind can rarely succeed. Design and SEO are linked closely when it comes to your website ranking and visitors converting. Our website design service starts with an SEO audit to help us build a suitable site map and plan how your customers will use your website. 

We design the website you want, write the copy, source the images and optimise the whole thing so you don't lose your existing rankings. We design and build good looking websites that get you excellent results. What more could you want?  





While social media isn’t the only key to business success, a well-managed presence on social media is the minimum that is expected today. From promoting your products, gaining new fans and engaging with customers, a good social media strategy should form part of your marketing plan.  

We will work with you to craft the social media strategy for your business. Once we have that we can post tailored content that talks directly to your customers. Prices start from £5 a post. 

Our SEO Training will allow you to upskill your marketing team to allow you to bring more SEO specialisms in house.

For small business owners, we can give you the skills you need to start optimising your own website, manage your social media, or grow your business. 


Engaging a digital marketing agency isn't always financially possible as a long term solution, especially if your business is just starting out. 


We will come and teach you the basics of digital marketing in an easy to digest way with zero jargon. 

We will deliver a 1-2-1 or small group session at a place of your choosing, or even over a video call. 


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Sign me up to your newsletter. I want free SEO tips!
Sign me up to your newsletter. I want free SEO tips!
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