PPC Management For Charities

Do you need help managing your Google Ad Grant effectively? Perhaps you aren’t aware that Google offer up to £8000.00 per month for nonprofits to spend on advertising? We can help you manage that spend.

Up To £8000 In Advertising Credit For Charities

Google offer up to $10,000 (roughly £8,000) in advertising credit every month to eligible nonprofits.

This means you could receive £8,000 every month, catch free, to use on Google Ads.

This could help increase your visibility, website traffic, and ultimately, donations.

Google Ad Grants Management

We want to help you effectively manage your Ad Grants and reach your charitable goals.

When you use our management service, we look after the entire Ad Grants process for you, meaning you can concentrate on other areas of fundraising.

On your behalf we will:

  • Request and set up a Google for Nonprofits account
  • Apply for a Google Ad Grant (currently around £8000 per month)
  • Carry out competitor and keyword research
  • Create compelling Google adverts and website landing pages for your cause
  • Manage and optimize your Google Ad Grant
  • Set up Google Analytics to analyse traffic and set goals
  • Provide reports on your progress and where we can make further improvements

Outsourcing Paid Search Management To GrowTraffic

Outsourcing Your Ad Grants Management

Increases The Chance of Success

When you choose to outsource the management of your Ad Grant, you will have the benefit of experienced people fully managing your paid search strategy, from setting up your account, managing and optimising the account, through to tracking results.

This service is provided for a monthly fee of £180.00, which when compared to the amount of free advertising credit received from Google, can see a return on investment many times over.

To make Google Ads work for your cause, you need an experienced person who fully understands both the Google Ads and Ad Grants process.

Managing Google Ads For Charities

What Is Google Ads?

Search engine giant, Google, offers paid advertisements that appear in their search results with the use of Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords).

Basically, organisations and individuals pay to make their advertisements appear in a prominent search engine result page position. Doing this increases your chances of drawing web users onto your website.

Charities and nonprofits can take advantage of Google Ads to increase their website traffic, drawing more attention to their cause or set specific goals – from donation requests to recruiting new volunteers.

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Why Use GrowTraffic to Manage Your Ad Grant?

At GrowTraffic, we have the resources and know how to apply for your Ad Grant, get you set up and advertising, improve your sales, subscriptions or enquiries and ultimately, we'll help you reach your charitable goals.

In addition to extensive paid search management experience, GrowTraffic is actively engaged with charities and nonprofits on a regular basis, both as clients and as business partners.

Before we start on any work together, we take the time to really get to know what your nonprofit is all about, what your goals are and how we can help you reach them.

A discount on management fees is given to nonprofits as we appreciate how much further every penny must go for many charities.

Managing Ad Grants and AdWords

Nonprofits may manage their own Ad Grants, however, it all comes down to how much resource you have within your organisation.

Many nonprofits don’t have a dedicated digital marketing person, let alone someone who is well versed in the ups and downs of paid search marketing.

The process of applying for and using the Ad Grant, plus ensuring you stay qualified to receive the grant can be a pain and something you never get round to doing.

That’s why some nonprofits choose to outsource the process to a paid search expert.


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