Please be aware we only offer Pay On Results SEO to a small number of websites, the costs are higher and the contracts are long-term. This service isn’t for every business.

There are a lot of people out there that have tried SEO in the past, they’ve had some success but their SEO has stalled and they are looking for someone to get involved and help drive the business forward.

GrowTraffic believe results are what SEO should be all about. We understand that you don’t want to be paying an SEO agency or consultant hundreds of pounds per month and get nothing back in return. Let’s face it, SEO isn’t easy and a lack of results is a possibility, we’re all realists in the SEO business.

If you’re looking for a Pay on Results SEO service then we may be able to work with you. For the right business, we won’t charge you a setup fee, we will simply come in and have a look at how your website is doing at the moment, we’ll set a marker in the sand and we’ll then agree on how we quantify the SEO results. You’ll pay for the rankings we achieve.

How Long Does Pay On Results SEO Take?

There is always a lead time with an SEO process, it generally takes between a few weeks and a  few months to start to see a difference being made. Depending on the amount of work that is required and the level of competition in the marketplace depends on how long it is before you will start to see results.

Following our onsite SEO work, our ongoing services are based on joined-up copywriting-focused, content marketing orientated SEO campaigns.

We’ll carry out the following process:

All we ask is that you sign a contract to stay with us for at 24 months and then a 3-month rolling contract. This simply takes into account the lead time required to carry out optimization and to start to see the results coming in. In addition, there is a small fee to cover the reporting costs which will provide valuable insights to your entire marketing strategy.

How Much Does Pay On Results SEO Cost?

Pay on Results SEO if very different to our normal SEO consultancy type service. The cost associated with our Pay on Results service is more expensive than choosing the monthly retainer costs. The Pay on Results SEO costs can be agreed before we commence work – and due to the costs and risk associated to us, you can be sure we’ll only take on a client if we really believe we can make a dramatic difference to their business.

If you think Pay on Results is right for your business please get in touch letting us know you’re interested in this service.