Proximity Marketing 

Speak to passing trade and draw them in with proximity marketing from GrowTraffic  

Proximity Marketing 

Proximity Marketing from GrowTraffic enables you to send a message, via Bluetooth, to anyone in your vicinity. 


This fantastic technology lets you send special offers, marketing messages, and calls to action to passing trade. 


Pop the device in your shop window or carry it round in your bag. Your tailorable message will ping to anyone nearby with their Bluetooth turned on.  


Proximity Marketing Benefits

Better Than Email 

Email newsletters typically convert about 3%. Proximity marketing typically converts about 5%. But the beauty of proximity marketing is you can target literally thousands of people every minute. 


Imagine taking this little box down Oxford Street, or to a football match. The potential is enormous!  

GDPR Compliant

The proximity marketing device will only send communications to people who have opted in on their mobile phone, so no data protection rules are being broken. 


They are unobtrusive and not annoying at all. Far from making people’s phones beep into overdrive, your potential customers will receive one notification in their notification bar. 


That’s all! 


Access to an online portal allows you to tailor the message you send out. You can change your special offer, send location specific messages, or update your advert and link as often as you like. 


The portal also allows you to track conversions and click through rate, so you know how effective your proximity marketing is.  

Reach thousands of potential customers every minute!

Prices start from £150.00  


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