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Self-employment is a goal a lot of people have-just imagine not having to answer to anyone, working around your own priorities, and doing things the way your own experiences have shown you are right. It really can be a stress-free way of making a living.

But for many it is not possible to simply give up work and set up a business. There are bills to pay, after all! This is when a side-line business can be an excellent first step.

GrowTraffic are expert SEO consultants in Lancashire and Yorkshire and have seen our fair share of start-ups, and people making real money out of their hobby. Hey, we have even been there ourselves!

We’re going to share our top tips and ideas for setting up a side business.

Why set up a side business?

The beauty of a side business is that you can gently ramp it up whilst phasing out your job and you don’t have to take much of a risk to do it.

You might not think you have the time or the skills to run a side-line business but it can easily be done if you incorporate it into your hobbies and leisure time. So you get to spend your weekends doing something enjoyable and get extra cash to boot! Who doesn’t want that? Plus, with a bit of graft, you can eventually leave your job and be your own boss.

What’s more, you probably already know a lot about your hobby-why waste all those years of research and dedication?


Ideas for A Side Business

When choosing a side line business, the key is to pick something you are passionate about and would be doing in your spare time anyway.

Love taking your dog for a long walk in the evenings and weekends? Open a dog walking service! Or if being in the garden is your thing, you could tend to the gardens of friends and neighbours.

There are lots of services people are happy to pay for which you won’t need a qualification or license for, but some, such as hairdresser or accountant, you will.

That doesn’t mean you can’t study in your spare time to become qualified or licenced. Check with your local colleges for ideas for evening or weekend classes.

Here are some more ideas:

1) Baker-bespoke cakes are all the rage at the moment, but think beyond cupcakes-artisan brownies, flapjacks, and handmade chocolates fill a gap in the market.

2) Private tutor-ideal if you play a musical instrument or have a special talent.

3) Jewellery maker-earrings, necklaces, and bracelets tend to sell well at local craft fairs.

4) Tailor-If you’re a wiz with a sewing machine, consider making alterations and adjustments for a fee.

5) Handyman-perfect if you’re particularly handy around the house

6) Car Valet-for those who love the satisfaction of a job well done

It can be easy to find a business idea which lets you enjoy your hobbies and have some extra cash. And who knows where it may lead eventually!

Tips for Setting Up A Side Business

1) Pick something that you enjoy doing and will realistically have time for. It won’t feel like work if it is something you are passionate about.

2) Don’t sweat the details-you don’t need business cards, a website, or even a dedicated Facebook page to get started. Don’t let not having those things stop you.

3) Speak to your social circle-you would be amazed how many people you know who will want your services or will know someone who does. Talk to as many people as possible.

4) Don’t burn out-make sure you factor in some down time too. You don’t want to end up hating your hobby!

5) Be above board-you may have to declare your earnings, depending on your current financial situation. Plus, insurance is a must. You don’t want a hefty legal bill!

6) Seek advice-knowing how and where to advertise your business is half your battle. Having an idea of what you want to charge and what your profit will be is essential. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Who knows where a side-line business might lead? Everyone started somewhere.

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