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Sexy, Fun and Addictive

The world of online marketing is a funny old place and has been described to me in many different ways over the years, recently someone said internet marketing is sexy, fun and addictive and this got me thinking about what I think about the world of SEO, PPC, SMO (and various other acronyms), inbound marketing in general, email marketing, web design and development – and all the other things that I’ve been invovled with over the years.

The best way to think about this is in the context of the sexy, fun and addictive comment:

Is internet marketing fun?

I’ve had a load of fun as an internet marketer over the years, it’s taken me all over the country and to different countries throughout the rest of the world, I’ve met loads of interesting people, done a lot of things that have bragging rights and these are all outside the realms of what I do on a day to day basis but which have been available to me because of it. In a way that could have gone into the sexy category but I’m thinking along a different line for that category.

The other thing that is probably most fun about internet marketing is that it’s new and every time you come up against a problem you often have to find a new solution to that problem, this can be frustrating and challenging however it’s certainly a creative process and it’s definitely fun to get something right!

Is internet marketing sexy?

It’s a strange thing to ask is something is really sexy as it has a lot of connotations to a lot of different people – sexy in this respect isn’t necessarily about sex, rather the thing that says to me that internet marketing is sexy is that people keep wanting to get involved in it – from all over the world, from both genders, from all age ranges, people are actively seeking out more and more information about internet marketing – this is definitely a sexy industry at the moment.

Is internet marketing addictive?

Most mornings I wake up at 6am to make sure I’ve not missed any internet marketing news from the US over night, I spend most nights carrying on with what I was doing at work and likewise very rarely turn off over the weekend – this is one of my great addictions and has been for a good deal of years.

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Internet Marketing is Sexy, Fun and Addictive (at least to me!)

After thinking about the comment internet marketing is fun sexy and addictive I’d have to say thinking about it as above it almost certainly is (it’s virtually taken over my life!) It’s got to be a good thing to be so passionate about your work that you’d call it sexy, fun and addictive.

Sexy, Fun and Addictive

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