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Shopify Integrations That Are Proven to Increase Sales

Shopify is a common, powerful platform, vital to e-commerce. Coming in a variety of formats, this blog explores the Shopify integrations that are proven to increase sales.

Shopify applications and plugins can be incredibly useful to businesses. Not all of them may be suitable, however, this blog aims to dissect Shopify integrations and their benefits. It’s essential that, when running an e-commerce site, you know it! Some sites don’t need advanced features or know how to get the best out of them. You need to pick the right tools for the job – and this article can help!

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Shopify Integrations That Are Proven To Increase Sales

Let’s jump straight in and explore the Shopify apps and plug ins that are proven to increase sales.

Boost Sales

Boost Sales, an app by Beeketing assures to ‘boost traffic, conversions and prevent cart abandonment. An up-sell and cross-sell engine which in a nutshell refers to its ability to convert a low-value basket into a high revenue customer.

Targeted Upsell- this feature allows you to suggest high-end alternatives or relevant products to customers, thus increasing average order value.

Cross-sell – allows you to create targeted product bundles for customers. When they purchase a specific product, a pop up will suggest further products to create a bundle for them.

These features allow users to save time and choose what is best for them and allow you as website owners to boost conversion rates.

Facebook Channel

Considering a Shopify Facebook channel? This free application allows you to embed a storefront onto Facebook directly. Why drive traffic away from social media when they can complete a purchase there?

57% of consumers say that social media influences their shopping decisions.

This Shopify integration increases sales by driving traffic to your site and engaging social media visitors.


OptinMonster is a lead generation tool that aims to increase revenue and grow leads. Their Shopify app aims to turn site visitors into email subscribers, without necessarily making a purchase.

Its features allow for retargeting return customers and using geolocation to target regional deals to increase sales.


Smile is a Shopify integration that works towards attracting and retaining loyal customers with a points and rewards scheme.

So how does this increase sales? Saving on acquisition costs and boosting sales and retention with referrals and points. Incentivising return customers is a great way to increase revenue.


Omnisend is regarded as the top Shopify application for SMS and email marketing. It aims to increase sales, and not workload by offering a variety of pre-built email marketing templates and suggestions.

Its features contact existing customers and reach out the potential new customers via SMS and email, drawing more traffic to your e-commerce site, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

SEO Manager

We all know the importance of a bulletproof SEO strategy, if not, why not? Get in touch!

The Shopify App – SEO Manager is a powerful tool which helps your e-commerce site rank higher on SERPs which in turn aims to lead to increased revenue. This Shopify specific integration allows for issues revolving around keywords, backlinks, and content to be solved to generate further leads and sales.

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Printful is a print on demand service. So how does this increase sales? Printful acts as a third-party supplier for the products. The service takes care of the printing, packaging, and shipping of your products, bridging the gap between you and your customers.

This is particularly useful for e-commerce stores that have little to no warehouse space to manufacture the products. This takes the pressure and financial strain off the manufacturing side of your site so you can focus on the site itself!

Referral Candy

Referral Candy aims to grow revenue with you guessed it, referrals. Incentivising users for referring others to the site is a brilliant way in engaging both them and potential new customers.

Tracking referral performance and choosing the rewards are all available to you so you can increase sales whilst rewarding brand advocates.

Plug-In SEO

Plug-In SEO is another Shopify tool specialising in optimisation. Following the same structure; higher ranking leads to increased traffic leads to more sales. The tool helps monitor your site’s SEO strategy. Notifying you when problems crop up and figuring out solutions to better your rankings.


Socialphotos is a Shopify app that allows you to integrate your e-commerce store into your social media feeds.

There is nothing more enticing to a potential new buyer than testimonials and social proof. This application allows you to curate photos of your products and use them across your site, social media, and marketing strategies.


WisePops allows you to build enticing pop-ups that drive visitors to your site. Using the application’s 30+ targeting options, you can use pop-ups to reach different audiences, drive traffic to your site, retain customers and increase sales.

Sales Pop

Sales Pop, another Beeketing application is another way of boosting sales with social proof. This specific integration appeals to FOMO (fear of missing out – we all feel it!)

By implementing recent sales notifications on the e-commerce site, the customer gets notified when others purchase a product on the site. This leverages the power of social proof and acts as a sort of testimonial to the new potential buyer.

Allowing customers to see the site’s popular products, and watch them go down in quantity, appeals to their emotions and encourages them to buy.


Yotpo is a marketing platform that increases sales by sparking engagement and developing community advocacy. Its integrated use of social media photos, referrals and reviews all add to the social proof of your page, again giving potential customers the encouragement and confidence to buy.

Yotpo allows you to follow up with customers and encourage them to leave reviews and photos to further the social proof of the site.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – several Shopify integrations allow e-commerce sites to boost their sales.

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