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Should I Use AdWords Display Network or Search Only?

There are so many different elements that are included with online advertising. As you have lots of formats that you can choose from and how you can reach your audience is powerful.

But, if two leading contenders should be involved in online advertising, it would have to be search and display ads, as these are two essential sources.

Since both search and display ads play an essential role in how your advertising will play out, it is excellent to know when and how they should be used in your marketing campaigns.

Display And Search Ads: What Is The Difference And Their Strengths?

When this has been done correctly, they can work so much better together to get the best results possible that you can then even do alone one by one.

But before this can be done, you will need to know how you can put search and display in a team for a marketing strategy; it is also bet to figure out how they can help you reach the target you have.

Search Engine Advertising

If your business page has not been optimised to the best of its ability, you will not have the chance of showing up at the top of the search engine results page. This is even more important if you are trying to high for all of your searches when customers look for one main thing you sell.

Search engine advertising is a known type of paid advertising, also known as PPC, that helps your business be found on the main Google search engine results page.

This kind of advertising is great to be on top of your target audience through search engines and, most notably, Google, allowing your clients to find you a lot easier.

Display Advertising

The display network has nothing to do with search engine advertising.

The most significant difference is that the ads you are using will not be limited by how they have been chosen, and they will be displayed over many different websites that all users may use.

When To use The Google Search Network

Running your ads on the Search Network is one of the most common and well-known PPC advertising forms. As a result, your ads will have a better chance of appearing on Google search engines by including this network selection.

This kind of advertising is so effective because it is an excellent target for someone who is searching and is on a mission to find something in particular.

Paid ads and the original listing will appear, but you will need to include the advertisement with the Search Network to have a better chance of success.

When To use The Google Display Network

This specific collection of online content, ranging from blogs to news article websites and even video platforms like YouTube, is referred to as the Google Display Network.

Data from Google suggests that the Google Display Network is included in over two million websites that help reach over 90% of global internet users.

Given that this network is so inclusive, it is incredibly appealing to see all of these advertisers looking to expand their online presence.

Utilising A Dual- Network Strategy

With all of the information about both of these strategies, you may have realised that your company may benefit from the Search and the Display Networks.

The one piece of advice that I would give you is to run a campaign for both of them, depending on your budget for your company.

There are so many benefits to each of these networks, do your research and divide them into the separate network and specific campaigns.

From a strategic level, this will ensure that you are crafting the right kind of message for your clients based on your content. Then from a logical level, it will help you have a target for your budget and keep everything in line.

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When To Use Each Ad Type?

Google will encourage you as an advertiser to have both Search and Display Network campaigns, which will help you get the most out of your ranking level.

This is not always the case, as having that maximum reach is not always a great thing because the best thing you can do for advertising in your business is getting the service that you sell in front of the right audience for your company and industry.

Not just the biggest.

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Search Ads

  1. Supplement organic traffic
  2. Capture the suitable high-quality leads
  3. Cater to a local audience
  4. A shorter sales cycle
  5. Promote emergency items

Three Reasons To Use Display Ads

  1. Your service is more visual
  2. Create the correct type of awareness
  3. Longer sales cycle.

Should I Use AdWords Display Network or Search Only?

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