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Should My Content Marketing Be Made Up Of Evergreen Content?

For SEO experts and content marketers like ourselves, evergreen content is the Holy Grail. That’s not to say other types of content aren’t valuable. We love all types of content.

But evergreen content is particularly great and should be an essential part of your business digital marketing and SEO strategy. In this blog, we’re going to outline the benefits of evergreen content and provide our tips on how to write evergreen content.

What Is Evergreen Content?

As the name suggests, evergreen content is search-engine optimised content that remains relevant and valuable long after it’s been published.

Unlike other content, evergreen content doesn’t become outdated. Instead, it continues to drive valuable traffic to your website for months, and even years after it goes live.

It is a common misconception that all content is evergreen… many people believe it’s evergreen because it remains on your website and doesn’t actually go anywhere. However, only evergreen content is structured using keywords that are going to remain relevant and valuable as time passes.

Other content, such as news-related content or seasonal content is structured around keywords that are only going to be relevant for a very short period of time.

Examples Of Evergreen Content

Common evergreen articles that can be found in a variety of industries might include ‘How To’ articles, ‘Step-By-Step’ guides, ‘Top Tips’ articles or answers to popular questions. Here are some (very random) examples:

  • Top Tips For Starting A Travel Blog
  • How To Choose The Best Window Dressing For Your Bedroom
  • How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep In 10 Simple Steps
  • How Do I Factory Reset An iPhone?
Evergreen content will drive traffic to your website

How Can Evergreen Content Help My Business?

Evergreen content is powerful in many ways and can have a positive impact on your business. Here are just some of the ways evergreen content can benefit your website and overall business.

Valuable Content That Continually Drives Traffic To Your Website

Writing valuable content for your website is great, but writing valuable content that remains relevant for years to come is even better. If written with properly researched keywords, evergreen content will remain useful to your readers (and potential customers!) and will continue to drive traffic to your website.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

By using relevant keywords and correctly optimising your evergreen content for search engines, you can improve your websites ranking on Google and other search engines. When it comes to SEO and getting your website found on search engines, evergreen content is crucial.

Gains Organic Backlinks & Improves Authority

Writing well-researched, high-quality evergreen content with industry-related keywords will demonstrate that your brand is experienced in its field. This encourages audiences to trust you and improves your authority. Also, it can lead to organic backlinks through other bloggers and authors linking back to your evergreen article.

Educates Readers & Customers

Evergreen content is often educational. It answers frequently asked questions or focuses on a common problem that your customers and readers may have. Because evergreen content is based on keyword research and industry-related topics, it’s always relevant and interesting to your readers.

Provides Relevant Social Media Content

Another benefit of creating evergreen content is it provides fresh, relevant content to share on your social media platforms. This increases brand awareness and drives potential customers to your website.

Positions Your Business As Industry Expert

By having quality, valuable content on your website, it demonstrates knowledge and expertise. This positions your business as a leader in the industry.

How Do I Write Evergreen Content?

Do keyword research: Keyword research is essential when creating content as it identifies phrases that will drive the traffic to your website. When it comes to evergreen content, perhaps focus on longtail keywords which still have plenty of traffic but not as much competition.

Always optimise: Once you’ve written an interesting article, make sure you optimise it for search engines to give it the best chance of being found by your target market.

Think about who you’re writing for: The majority of your evergreen content should be written for beginners or those new to the industry as this will be the recurring audience. However, you should also include niche topics for experts in your content marketing strategy as this will likely get you ahead of the competition.

Answer FAQ’s: Answering questions that are frequently asked by beginners in your industry is a simple way to come up with lots of evergreen content topics that will attract traffic to your website.

Mix It Up: Keep your evergreen content interesting and fresh by including various formats such as videos and infographics.

Avoid jargon: Technical industry vocabulary is fine in the office. But it’s not so fun to read. And it will confuse beginners. Ensure your evergreen content is easy to read and keeps the audience captivated.

GrowTraffic shares tips for writing evergreen content

What About Other Types Of Content?

So, we’ve already established that your content marketing strategy should be made up of evergreen content. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t include other types of content.

Here at GrowTraffic, we believe that a content marketing strategy works best when it includes various types of content. Evergreen content should be the main type of content within your marketing strategy as it’s directly related to your business/industry and is always valuable. But your website will benefit from various types of content and should also include:

  • seasonal/topical content
  • news content
  • company updates
  • industry trends
  • annual reviews or statistics
  • opinion articles

Although some of these types of content don’t continue to drive valuable traffic to your website, they may lead to a spike in page visits and will be helpful to new customers, clients and other readers. They are also great for sharing on social media platforms and can increase brand awareness.

Get In Touch

If you’d like more information about including evergreen content in your content marketing strategy, or if you’d like some help with your content marketing, get in touch. Here at GrowTraffic, we’re experts in all things digital marketing and SEO. And we’re really friendly!

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