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Should You Pay to Send Traffic to an AdSense Site?

AdSense and AdWords do have that main link. AdSense allows all owners of their site to share the content they have produced through their revenue by sharing great adverts on their websites.

It isn’t shocking that when Google and AdSense officially started to suggest that all of these publishers might want to consider buying some form of traffic for their site so it can be increased.

What Are Some Of Google’s Rules For Paid Traffic?

The first and most important question you should ask yourself is, is it worth me potentially getting banned from all forms of AdSense? It is certainly something you do not want to be doing as you do want to be jeopardising the entire strategy you have worked hard for.

Also, Google does not stop marketers from buying traffic from a website with AdSense’s link as its primary traffic and content method. Instead, they allow you to do whatever you want with your site as long as you are still following the policy.

They are saying that you can buy traffic if it is allowed but just be careful which website you decide to include in this option or whatever is included in your search engine as they tend to be more expensive for your site.

Should You Buy Traffic To Your Site From Google AdSense

You should not buy or even exchange any type of traffic from any websites or other links whatsoever. Google will easily be able to spot this kind of error, so I would not recommend that you do this.

Also, there is a high chance that you will permanently block your AdSense site because of this action. So try to write the kind of content that is entirely yours and follow the correct type of protocols that will get you better traffic levels in the right way.

Is It Good To Use Direct Paid Traffic For Your AdSense?

So many different websites and other content sources generate a tremendous amount of revenue each month from their AdSense website, but this is actually because it is paid traffic through their site.

Various types of traffics 

  1. organic
  2. Direct
  3. social
  4. Referral


This kind of traffic source that is linked to your site is the most successful and is the highest in quality. This is usually because of the original search’s outcome, which is the organic traffic.

It turns out that the traffic was looking for you. 


Understanding the concept of direct traffic is as simple as it sounds. This is mainly when a visitor or reader types in the URL of your business website and site, in general, to look at your content and bookmark it.


More often than not, every single person who uses the internet uses more than one single platform daily. So, the traffic you will get from this is called social traffic.

This is how all these AdSense website owners are on these known social platforms. 


Referral traffic is the traffic found on other websites and content sites. This traffic is also not from PPC or any social network; more often than not, it is linked from other external websites.

Can You Use Traffic Sources To Pay For Paid Traffic For AdSense?

Paying for traffic is a viral marketing tool for all marketers.

A survey has found that over 40% of all businesses consider many different methods to be the best way to market instead of using their websites or email marketing lists.

Paid traffic can come from other sources, such as your AdSense site. Any service you decide to pay for drives the main lead to this topic and is part of a paid traffic source.

Here are some points to think about

  1. Display ads- on the side of the site and can block certain things
  2. Paid search- Google ads are a great example of this
  3. Social media ads- the sponsored content that pops up on your social media platforms.
  4. Sponsored content- this is a type of marketing that looks like a website but works for a brand
  5. Influencer marketing- where a known social media influencer promotes a particular product. 

Some traffic sources that you should consider

  1. Google AdWords

AdWords are probably one of the most popular forms of paid traffic that offer such vast potential as everything is very high. The concept of this is that you pick particular keywords that you think others will be interested in and see if it reaches the top of the page.

  1. Facebook ads

Did you know that over 95% of all social media workers have said that Facebook ads give them the best side of success on any social media platform?

Facebook advertising is one of the best options for anyone wanting to pay for paid traffic.

  1. LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is a great paid traffic source.

They offer a contact form to help you with the AdSense part of your site and are known for finding the right kind of people by what they do for their business and the industry they are in and get them to the top of the LinkedIn wall and overall page aspect.

Should You Pay to Send Traffic to an AdSense Site?

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