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Should You Send Ad Traffic Directly to Your Homepage?

Now, this is a question that quite a lot of people want the right kind of answers to can you send any sources of traffic straight to your homepage, and what is the reason for this, e.g. the content or keyword count and are you also using a specific kind of category for this reason.

Homepages are known and built for the kind of visitors and customers you know will return to your website and know your brand well enough to understand what you are about and what the concept is behind your brand.

How To Send The Right kind Of Traffic To Your Homepage?

  1. Create a remarkable landing page template

A great foundation layer is having the right landing page so you can optimise it as quickly as possible depending on the type of content your client wants. You can also quickly swap out all the information to ensure it is correct for the ad.

  1. Include creative ways of driving the right kind of traffic through motivation

They are working with your client, and aligning your motivation levels will help to see how and if you should send their traffic directly to their website and ensure that all expectations and goals are met and keep all levels down.

  1. Be aware of how this happens

Keeping an eye on your CTA will significantly help you in this situation. Also, ensure that this is well known and is more prominent than other links and sources of content, as this will help your homepage quite a lot.

The goal for this is that we want to keep those users and clients hooked on the content we are providing them.

  1. Change and measure your daily progress

When sending the correct type of traffic to your homepage, you are going through this process. First, you need to look at the different rates, the time they are spending on and off the page, and whether you feel like you are making the right kind of progress or if you need to improve on certain things, so you don’t lose your users.

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Should Your Traffic Be Sent To Your Homepage Through Your Ads?

When you are finding the right balance of advertising, and whether you should send your traffic to your homepage, you will find a lot of different sources and guides that will help you make this decision.

The advice that you should follow

Quite a lot of times, the information that is given to you is correct. The advice is that you should not send traffic to your business’s main homepage.

This is because it isn’t your homepage that is the issue. The content and everything else included in this and the difference between the landing page.

The homepage issue

The main problem linked to this is that you are using your homepage as your main landing page, which can be a complicated scenario. There are too many options on your main page, also in which your users will not pick anything from your site as it is too complex. 

The relevance to your homepage is significant

You still need to stay updated and relevant even with your landing page and homepage. Therefore, you should send traffic to your homepage, especially concerning advertising links.

Where Should You Send Your Traffic: Homepage Or Landing Page?

Do you think your homepage is at the top of the scale for paid traffic? Unfortunately, that is not the case, as you need to know the difference between the two pages, which are the homepage and landing page.

What is a homepage? 

A homepage is the main link and focus of your website. This page is known for being the primary traffic asset for your business. A great homepage is meant to:

  • Meet your customers and their needs
  • Understand the other areas of your website
  • Known what the next steps are
  • Be assertive with what you do
  • Leave a great impression on yourself and the business

More than 50% of your primary website traffic will direct to your homepage.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a smaller page than the homepage. It is designed to drive the traffic to your homepage and the needs and wants that your audience and customers have.

A landing page should look like this:

  • Paramount page consistency with the message that they are trying to get across
  • Let the audience choose which way they want it to go
  • Be the right kind of solution that they are looking for
  • Follow the best practice for a great homepage and show you can leave that all-important first impression.

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How To Decide Where Your Traffic Should Be Sent?

You are making that all-important decision is not as easy as it seems. The simplest way to decide whether you need to add another link to your homepage is to have your customers and audience in mind.

Every user who makes that step in which they chose your ad is an important choice as they want to know all of the information, a potential solution, and the end goal in which they purchase one of your products and try to see where they want to position themselves.

Should You Send Ad Traffic Directly to Your Homepage?

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