Images illustrating blog by SEO experts in Lancashire, GrowTraffic, about great tools for small businesses

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Our Essential Small Business Tools

As busy SEO consultants, our obvious number one priority is delivering results for our clients. We deliver actionable insights, that ultimately help them achieve their business goals. But how do we achieve our goals? More specifically, what tools do we use to help us achieve our business aims? Not from an SEO or marketing perspective, but the behind the scenes, daily running of a business sense.

Running a small business is challenging – don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise! Our little team are ‘at the coal face’ every day, handling delivery, selling, finance and all of those other good things. Fortunately, there are lots of great tools available to help us keep things nicely ticking around here! We thought we would share our top five;


Images illustrating blog by SEO experts in Lancashire, GrowTraffic, about great tools for small businesses

Social media is a big deal. Not just for our customers, but for our own business too. We engage with new and existing clients, peers and friends, and talk about cake a lot too. But with various channels and profiles, being a social media butterfly can be downright exhausting sometimes!

That’s why we use Hootsuite to manage social media. The platform enables us to manage posts from one place, and schedule content in advance. This means no logging in and out of different apps, remembering passwords, or missing the boat with a post. They have their own convenient app, which means we have one place on our phones to manage everything. Pretty neat.



This may sound extreme, but Asana is the centre of our world. We manage tasks, projects, our calendars, and communicate with each other, all through the online productivity platform. Alongside emails, Asana is the first thing we check in the morning – with a big cup of coffee in hand, of course.

Having one central place to see what you have planned for the week, when it’s due and what everyone else is up to is great. Asana also helps us keep track of client projects, time spent on projects and the boss can easily dish out who is doing what.


What did we do before Skype? Not only is the web based communication tool useful for talking to clients, but it’s a great tool for businesses who have teams split up geographically.

Grow Traffic are a Lancashire based SEO agency but some of our growing team are based over the hill in Yorkshire. Skype lets us easily keep in touch, conference, and send silly emojis to each other.


Images illustrating blog by SEO experts in Lancashire, GrowTraffic, about great tools for small businessesThe person in charge of the Grow Traffic purse, Hannah, likes to use the QuickBooks accounting platform to keep an eye on how we are doing. As a small business, every penny really does count and it’s essential to keep track of what we have coming in and going out. QuickBooks is accessible to people who aren’t necessarily ‘finance people’ – ideal for an SME where one person will usually have two or three job functions.

A favourite with small businesses like ourselves, QuickBooks is one of the best pieces of accounting software. It’s easy to use, reasonably priced, connects to our business accounts, and features invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting. It gets everyone’s least favourite jobs done efficiently.

Google Docs

Our team share group projects and internal documents – often asking for contributions from more than one person. Google Docs makes everything so much easier and is an essential for any collaboratively working business. Ever felt really irritated when you wanted to check a document but aren’t at your desk? Using Google Docs, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere.

We are also going to give Dropbox a shout out here. Ok, this makes six tools of the trade we use, but who’s counting?! We use Dropbox to share files with clients and other creatives we collaborate with.

Get in Touch

We hope you found one of two of our recommendations helpful. Most of our clients are SME’s and as a small business ourselves, we can relate to the challenges they face and offer advice based on experience.

Once you have your business running smoothly, you may want to consider your SEO strategy and content marketing. You can take a look at the services we offer here, or get in touch with us by emailing or calling Hannah on 07850 556244

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