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Aligning SSLIM and FAST Content Marketing Methodologies to Buyer Journeys

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We’ve been thinking about content marketing and the strategy behind it. I was lucky enough to have heard a colleague Steve Porter present on the subject and this got me thinking. Here are my thoughts on his presentation, which he himself was inspired to create based on a content marketing strategy piece produced at the end of 2015 by Horizon Peake. In addition, I’ve looked at my own experiences, taken info from those around me and tried to include some useful content from others. Read More

Content Marketing Consultancy

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Content marketing is the process of content creation and promotion, it forms part of a business’ customer acquisition and retention strategy.

As a freelance content marketing consultant I work with clients to come up with clearly defined, well researched content marketing strategies which will ensure the content produced is engaging, useful, is related to the product(s) / service of the business, can be promoted and will ultimately encourage sales. Read More