How Do I Justify Content Marketing When The ROI Is Low?

So your boss has told you that you need to start doing some content marketing, but he also wants to see regular reports and a clear ROI from your marketing spend.

What are you going to do?

Surely, as everyone knows, content marketing has a low ROI; it’s never going to get you the big bang for your buck that you need to demonstrate in a short space of time?!?

Well, that might just be where you’re wrong.

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Aligning SSLIM and FAST Content Marketing Methodologies to Buyer Journeys

We’ve been thinking about content marketing and the strategy behind it. I was lucky enough to have heard a colleague Steve Porter present on the subject and this got me thinking. Here are my thoughts on his presentation, which he himself was inspired to create based on a content marketing strategy piece produced at the end of 2015 by Horizon Peake. In addition, I’ve looked at my own experiences, taken info from those around me and tried to include some useful content from others. Read more

How to use newsjacking in your content marketing strategy for SEO

As the term content marketing grows to be ubiquitous, many of you will find probably find yourself using this technique I’ve been advocating for years, and which David Meerman Scott calls newsjacking. That is to say, finding a breaking news article, injecting your own personal or corporate slant on the story before it’s got to the point where journalists are searching for more information on the piece, thereby naturally getting your perspective into the mainstream media. Read more

Can you use industry news for content marketing?

This blog post takes me almost full circle, when I got my first taste of SEO (outside of my own personal websites) I was putting out press releases for various truck and van manufacturers – that was over a decade ago now, it wasn’t long after this that I was advocating companies use news from other people’s websites on their own website. The addition of all this industry news to a website had the desired effect however there came a day (something like 2009) when Google said no more and started to degrade those websites that used copied and pasted news content on their own website. However, those websites that spent the time and effort to rewrite the content that they were adding to their website maintained their rankings and maintained their successes. Read more

How long does content marketing take?

In a world where link acquisition has become a costly, dangerous and generally frustrating business, a content marketing strategy can seem like the obvious solution to your seo requirements; but it’s a long term strategy which success is measured in terms of years and not weeks, so you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s the right strategy for you and if it is be sure you can stick it out when you’re seeing limited (if any) returns. Read more


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