infographic showing how to convert website visitors
5 Tips For Converting Website Visitors

Converting website visitors is simply getting a user to do what you want them to do! For example, a retailer may want a visitor to make a purchase. A B2B service provider may just want the user to get in touch. If your website aims to provide resources, then you may want visitors to read certain material first.

You get the picture – you set a goal and then try to get visitors to reach them.

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Does Topical Content Bring More Traffic Than Evergreen Content
Does Topical Content Bring More Traffic Than Evergreen Content?

We’re often asked what type of content is best. This applies to both social media and website content. When someone asks what type of content is best, what they’re usually asking is; what will bring me the most traffic or get me noticed?

Topical and evergreen content can both significantly increase traffic on your website or generate interest on your social media channels. The big difference is the longevity and sustainability of the interest you attract.

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