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Sisters are doing it for themselves. Women in SEO

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: Women In SEO

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Are you singing the song yet? If you’re not, you should be! Aretha should be blaring out in your ears as loud as possible. Go on, sing it loudly. Let that woman stare at you.

OK, that’s enough. Don’t get carried away.

Because, difficult as it is to believe, I’m not just writing this blog post as a tribute to the late, great Aretha Franklin. Although I probably should be; she deserves it.

But no, on this occasion, I’m writing about the fact that we, the GrowTraffic dream team, are a group of four women, fighting our corner in a very male dominated world. We’re independent women in SEO. And we love it.  Read More

GT Report: The Growth Of The Freelance Economy

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Being a freelancer has always been hard work – it requires a lot of graft and dedication to pull off being your own boss and successfully running your own business – but these days the slog is potentially even harder than it was before. Not only do you still have to do all the things that you already had to do – such as all your own sales, marketing, accounts and, obviously, the actual work – but you also now have to compete against so many other people doing exactly the same thing that you do (albeit not as well, clearly).


The reason for this increase in competition is simple; the age of the freelancer has arrived. In recent years, the freelance economy has grown exponentially (so much so, that the freelance economy is now an actual thing) and there are now more freelancers than the human race has ever experienced before. But far from this being a negative turn of events, we at GrowTraffic think this is brilliant. We love a freelancer, so it’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’ as far as we’re concerned. But what exactly has happened to facilitate this sudden explosion in freelancing, and how will it affect the way we all work as a result?  Read More

I hate writing content

I hate writing content!

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OK – I’ve said it, I hate writing content. I’m a marketer in a world of content marketing, I’m a freelance seo consultant that spends a lot of his time writing content and I work as a brand marketing manager in my day to day role and I’ve still want to say I hate writing content. Hmmm maybe I’m overstating it, but here we go! Read More

How to become an industry expert by writing blogs

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You know what all the advice out there says, write more content to offer something of value and demonstrate to your audience that you’re an expert, but what if you’re not an expert? You might think that if you’re not an expert you have no right in blogging on a subject however over the years I’ve come to believe blogging is the one of the crucial ways in which we can become experts in a subject. Read More

Networking With The Next Generation

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Networking With The Next Generation

I’ve been a little bit quiet on the old blog front recently because, to tell you the truth, I’ve just been swamped with work (which – as Simon Dalley says – is a good problem to have!) but I wanted to tell you about a fabulous event that I attended last week courtesy of Alder Grange School Sixth Form College in Rawthenstall.


As part of their Enterprise Week for Year 10 pupils, and representing GrowTraffic, I was lucky enough to be able to spend a morning with pupils as a business mentor, offering support and advice for their project on Tourism in Rossendale. Not only did I enjoy myself much more than I was expecting to, it was also really heartening to see such enthusiasm and dedication from all the students involved. Read More

Reasons Why Bigging-Up Your Competitors Is A Good Idea

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Bigging Up The Competition 1

Yesterday, I read a really interesting blog post on Search Engine Journal by Tom Demers entitled 5 Reasons Why It’s OK To Mention Competitors In Your Content. Funnily enough, this post struck an instant chord with me, as it almost word for word echoed a conversation I had with one of my clients a week or so ago. So, I thought I’d share it with you so that you can see just how right Tom Demers is about this very valid point!


As the title of the blog suggests, Tom’s post listed 5 reasons why writing about your competitors in your content marketing can be a positive thing; I obviously don’t want to go over everything again that Tom wrote, as he made his points very eloquently and you’re perfectly capable of reading it for yourself. Instead, I’ll give you Tom’s reason’s summarised and then relate them to my client and the answers I gave her.  Read More

On Yer Bike!

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A couple of months ago, GrowTraffic were doing a little bit of networking at our local Shout! Network Group and we were fortunately enough to hear a talk by Wendy Bell from Lancashire County Council (LCC) about the council’s Sustainable Travel Grants, which had recently become available to businesses in the East Lancashire Area. We thought ‘we could do with a bit of that’, so we applied and – guess what? We were granted a Sustainable Travel Grant! Fantastic.  Read More

Happy Easter from GrowTraffic

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Happy Easter from everyone at GrowTraffic!


We’ve had a great start to 2015 and have been very busy helping our clients grow their businesses online, as well as making inroads into our local business community by doing a bit of networking (more on that shortly). All in all, we’ve had a rather hectic few months and are more than ready for this long weekend off; hopefully we can put our laptops down for a few days and spend some quality time with our families, as well as stuff our faces with chocolate! Read More

How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

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I’ve been a Freelance SEO Copywriter for a good while now, touting my services on a number of different platforms, and one of the first questions that I always get asked is ‘how much do your services cost?’. It’s a fact of life and I understand that, for the majority of small to medium business owners, it is often what decisions are necessarily based on. Usually though, if that’s the first question I’m asked, I know that I’ve already lost the contract.  Read More

5 Good Reasons To Use Freelancers

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In the interests of fair disclosure, I suppose I should probably state, before we go any further, that you’re probably not going to get a fair and balanced article here: as a Freelance Copywriter, I will admit that I may be slightly biased. Bearing that in mind, I’m about to give you 5 good reasons why hiring freelance copywriters is miles better than wasting all your money on expensive agency copywriters. See, not biased in the slightest!  Read More

Which Is Your Favourite Season?

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I Love My Job…

One of the things that I love most about being a Freelance SEO Copywriter is the fact that I can work from home; it’s great, everyone should do it! Having previously worked in large, open planned offices with lots of people, all having different conversations either with each other or on the phone, being able to work in the peace and quiet of my own home is bliss, plus I’m at least twice as productive as I used to be.  Read More

Terms and Conditions

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Definitions and interpretations

Agreement-The document which outlines the terms and conditions-this document

Client-The company, person or organisation engaging the services of the Company

Company-GrowTraffic Ltd, its employees, owners and subcontractors.

Business Hours-Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Charges-Any costs which occur by the Company providing the service or the services of third parties.

Third Party-any party, person, or organisation which provides a service on behalf of the Client or the Company, including (but not exclusively) web hosting, email, social media, copywriting, search services.

“Minimum Term” means the minimum length of the contract and this agreement.

Services-the digital work provided by the Company or a third party.

Quote-the document outlining the costs and activity of the Company

Expenses-any secondary costs incurred by the Company when executing the services quoted.

1.     Contract terms

1.1 This agreement shall be in effect from the date specified on the quote and has a minimum term of 3 months, unless otherwise indicated in writing.

1.2 It shall continue for the Minimum Term and thereafter shall automatically renew for further 3 month terms (the “Renewal Term”) at the end of the minimum term until one party gives the other party written notice to terminate in accordance with clause [10].

2. Payment terms

2.1 The Client will pay to the Company the charges specified in the quote, plus any expenses incurred by the Company whilst carrying out the service on the client’s behalf.

2.2 In relation to expenses, the Company shall:

a) invoice the client for the expenses monthly, at cost

b) retain and supply evidence of expense for 3 months after contract end date

2.3 All Charges are exclusive of VAT, unless specified.

2.5 Charges must be paid by direct debit or bank transfer

2.6 If the Client does not pay any amount in full or on time, the Company reserves the right to:

a) Charge daily statutory interest

b) Seek legal compensation and/or

c) refer the debt to a debt collecting agency

3. Our responsibilities and services

3.1 The company shall advise the client to the best of their abilities and using information available to them.

3.2 The Company shall provide the Services specified in the quote in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3.3 The website SEO will be performed by the company directly and will be uploaded by the Company, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

3.4 Any social media activity undertaken shall be in line with the content plan and tailored to the client’s wishes.

3.5 The Company shall not post or write anything on the client’s behalf which is political, religious (unless specifically requested or entirely appropriate), or controversial, inflammatory, illegal, fraudulent, or anything which may harm the reputation of the client.

3.6 The company shall provide reports and access to reports on the impact of any work undertaken no more frequently than every one month and no less frequently than every three months, unless otherwise agreed by both parties and indicated in writing.

3.7 The Company will endeavour not to breach any copyright laws when providing work to the client.

4. Client responsibilities and services

4.1 The Client will provide to the Company:

a) the ability to access and make changes to the Website;

b) assistance in identifying phrases and keywords

c) access to any and all analytical date available relating to the website and social media activity

d) any and all information and documentation reasonably requested by the Company to enable us to carry out the service

4.2 The Client will be responsible for getting cooperation from any third party required to enable the Company to carry out the service.

4.3 The Client will be responsible for obtaining suitable licences of third party which are required for the full use of the Services

4.4 The Client must not use the Website or social media platforms to host, store, transfer or transmit any material which is fraudulent, unlawful, inflammatory, illegal, or that which breaks any applicable regulations or guidelines, or infringes any third-party terms and conditions or rights, or may give rise to any form of legal action against the Company, or the Client, or any third party.

4.5 The Client will guarantee that any marketing information used by the Company on behalf of the client and/or information held on individuals was obtained and is stored legally and does not breach any applicable laws (such as Data Protection) or infringe the rights of the individuals.

4.6 If the Company reasonably suspects a breach of these clauses [4] the Company reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract.

4.7 The Client hereby indemnifies and undertakes to keep indemnified the Company against any and all liabilities, damages, losses, expenses and costs (including legal expenses and amounts paid in settlement of any claim or legal action) arising, directly or indirectly, out of any breach [or alleged breach] by the Client of this Clause [4].

4.8 The Client will guarantee that any and all information passed to the Company for use on websites or social media is free from copyright restrictions, not plagiarised and/or is licensed for reuse.

4.9 If a website has been developed by the Company it is the Client’s responsibility to check every element of the website prior to the website being made available to search engines.

5. Additional charges

5.1 The Company reserves the right to invoice additional charges to the client if:

a) the client requests amendments to work which has been previously agreed as acceptable

b) the client requests amendments to pieces which adhere to the agreed content plan and Tone of Voice

c) the client incurs charges from a third party which are passed on to the Company

d) the client requests ad-hoc, additional work to be done

5.2 Payment of additional charges shall be made in accordance with clause [2].

6. Intellectual property rights

6.1 The Customer grants the Company the right to use their website and information on there for the purposes of fulfilling the contract, as agreed in the proposal.

6.2 All Intellectual Property generated by The Company shall remain the sole and exclusive property of the Company.  Where the Company modifies the Website in order to provide the service, the company grants the Client a ‘non-exclusive’ license to use the new IP.

7. Warranties

7.1 The Company warrants to the customer that;

7.1.1 The company shall perform all activities with reasonable care and skill

7.1.2 The company has the legal authority to enter into this agreement

7.2 The Client acknowledges that:

7.2 1 SEO is not an exact science and results cannot be guaranteed. Failure to reach any targets specified are not a breach of agreement as SEO results cannot be guaranteed.

7.2 2 Search engines change their algorithms, which can have adverse effects on the website ranking. The Company has no control over this.

7.2.3 A high ranking in search engines does not, in itself, increase turnover. The Company shall not be liable for any decrease in turnover.

7.2.4 It can take many months for any SEO changes to take effect

7.2.5 The company will not be responsible for any activity on the website, third party websites or social media platforms which has not been advised by the Company, or has been advised against, including link building or Pay Per Click.

7.2.6 SEO activity may lead to a need for higher bandwidth levels or enhanced IT provisions, for which the Company shall not be liable.

8. Limitations and exclusions of Liability

8.1 The Company has no control over search engines and cannot guarantee or predict the time it takes for rankings to improve or change.

8.2 The Company cannot be responsible for search engines changing their functionality due to algorithm updates or any other updates which may have a detrimental effect on a website’s ranking either during or after client/company contract term.  If a search engines algorithm devalues, filters or penalises a client’s website in any way, the client agrees to indemnify and hold blameless the Company.

8.3 The company accepts no responsibility for the any changes made to the client’s website or social media by the client themselves or a third party.

8.4 The company shall accept no responsibilities for delays in delivery of key milestones or agreed timescales if the delay is due to the client not providing relevant or necessary information when requested.

8.5 The company accepts no responsibility for the terms and conditions of any third-party provision, service or goods which they recommend or use and shall not be held liable for any breech which may be perpetrated by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to check the terms and conditions of third party provision, services, or goods.

8.6 The company shall accept no responsibility for low rankings or any negative impact their advice has resulted in if that advice was provided in good faith and based on reasoned arguments. SEO is not an exact science and the results cannot be accurately predicted.

8.7 The company assumes no responsibility for protection of personal or sensitive data stored on a client’s website to which we have access.

8.8 The Company shall accept not liability for any loss of revenue, profit, productivity, contracts, data, commercial opportunities, software, goodwill, or reputation.

8.9 The company is not responsible for any spend or over spend incurred through PPC campaigns or social media advertising.

9. Data protection and privacy

9.1 The Company shall uphold the Data Protection act and shall:

a) not hold client data for longer than is necessary to carry out the SEO services contracted for.

b) not sell or pass any sensitive or personal client information on to a third party without the express permission of the client, providing in doing so the company is not breaking any data protection laws.

c) store any personal data in a secure environment.

d) not access or use any personal data which is stored on the client’s website or social media platforms which is not absolutely necessary in order to carry out the services for which we have been contracted.

e) keep confidential any and all information about the client, it’s customers, working practices, commercial opportunities and any other information which may be considered commercially sensitive unless express permission is given in writing.

9.2 The Customer shall:

a) not pass any personal information to the company which has not been approved by the data subject.

b) not hold the company responsible for any personal data stored on the client website to which the Company may have access to.

c) keep confidential any and all information about the Company, it’s customers, working practices, commercial opportunities and any other information which may be considered commercially sensitive unless express permission is given in writing.

d) recognise that the company may, from time to time, wish to use the client’s name and details in marketing materials. In this instance, the Company will request permission in writing from the client.

10. Termination

10.1 Either party may terminate the contract once the minimum term has expired by giving 30 days’ notice in writing.

10.2 Termination notice may be served during the minimum term but the contract will not terminate until the end of the minimum term.

10.3 At the end of the minimum term, the contract Renewal Term will be three months rolling.

10.4 Either party may terminate the contract with immediate effect if:

a) a breach of this contract occurs and the breach is not remediable

b) the breach is remediable but one party has not acted in 30 days

c) either party becomes insolvent, ceases to trade, or is dissolved

d) is unable to pay its debts or charges

  10.5 Termination absolves both parties of the terms of this agreement, except clauses [6], [7], [8]    and [9]

11. Links to third parties

11.1 The Company my subcontract any of its services to a third party

11.2 Any terms and conditions of third party applications, including emails, website hosting, and social media platforms, are the responsibility of the client and the company will not be held responsible should a breach of these terms and conditions occur.

12. Force majeure

12.1 The company accept no responsibility for any losses which occur due to circumstances beyond our control, such as fire, flood, loss of power or acts of god.

The Company will make every effort to mitigate such circumstances and continue service.

13. Governing law

13.1 The Company is governed by English and Welsh law.

14. Acceptance of terms

14.1 Acceptance of the quote indicates the client’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in full.