How to Use Twitter To Build Brand Integrity

An organisation has to be able to present itself in a more human manner in order to generate a more appealing perception to the general public. Senior execs who regularly interact with your business’ clients and customers can add significant value to your business marketing strategy through Twitter.

Social media has become far more important and an seo consultant I recognize it’s time for me to start informing people about the benefits to their search engine optimisation from the use of Twitter.

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Could the Olympics be good for Britain’s business community?

There’s been a lot of talk about how much the Olympics has cost us as a nation and there’s also a lot of talk about paying dividends in the future. I thought the argument of the Olympics paying off for London and the rest of Great Britain was a bit woolly to say the least. I’m now a convert.

Admittedly, this isn’t so much about search marketing, rather business, the Olympics and Britain’s place in the world. Saying that I am of course thinking about things from the perspective of a search marketer and SEO consultant which is already a very international business community with most of us having worked with organisations throughout the world.

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Why is duplicate content wrong?

I’m working with a client that publishes a number of magazines, they’ve been working in the offline sphere for a good number of years, they are expect at what they do in that sector however they are moving further and further into the online space and there are some issues arising with processes, knowledge and staff resistance. As a freelance seo consultant, I’ve seen this type of thing many times, change is always hard and it’s important to take the staff with you and empower them. I recently sent through an email to explain why duplicate content is a bad idea, this is an adapted version. Read more

Why Google Dislikes Blog Networks?

This is the next SEO technique that Google appears to be going after (or has gone after big style in the last couple of months). A blog network is a group of blogs – normally bog standard wordpress installs, with basic wordpress templates and lots of content. Generally this content is generated explicitly for the purposes of creating links back to a website. Read more

Basics to writing optimised content – the one side of A4 guide:

Bear in mind how the visitor is likely to search for a product – if it’s a printer consumable they want the part number, if it’s a product like a shredder they’re going to search on more descriptive terms. The main difference to consider is that when someone searches on descriptive terms they tend to search on the plural whereas if they are searching for a specific thing they will search on the singular.

Try to think of ways in which two keywords/phrases can be added together to make many. The order the words appear does matter (although words in the wrong order can still rank).

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

GrowTraffic has been sat at position 1 for freelance seo consultant for quite some time now and to be honest I’ve not done a lot to maintain the position, on Sasturday however for the first time in a long time the site dropped to position 3, I had a sneaky suspicion this was going to happen as GT dropped to position 2 for about half a day a week or so ago, this dance is a sure fire indicator that you’re about to be dropped slightly.

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