Can Guest Posts Damage Your Credibility?

Over the last year or so there has been a big move in the search sector towards guest posting, if you’ve got a blog or a news page on your website you’ve probably already received emails asking if you can post a guest post on your blog. I know I have. I’ve also been involved in outreach trying to get guest blogs and I’d like to share some of my experiences around this. Read more

Will future SEOs be Journalists?

When I first started dabbling in SEO I did so from a journalistic point of view. Let me take you back a decade or so to explain. I was working for a company called Campbells Commercial Vehicle Marketing Group, a fresh faced, spotty youth straight out of uni.

Campbells’ carried out marketing, mainly for multinational businesses selling vans and trucks as well as accessories for those kind of vehicles. They marketed in a very traditional manner, mainly direct marketing, data marketing, market research through a call centre. Not long after I arrived they decided to launch a monthly trade magazine and before you knew it I was a full time marketer and a part time trade journalist. Getting a van every week full of fuel and being sent to vehicle press launches was pretty amazing. Read more


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