Why Google Dislikes Blog Networks?

This is the next SEO technique that Google appears to be going after (or has gone after big style in the last couple of months). A blog network is a group of blogs – normally bog standard wordpress installs, with basic wordpress templates and lots of content. Generally this content is generated explicitly for the purposes of creating links back to a website. Read more

What is Inbound.org?

Found a lovely site from Rand from Moz and Dharmesh from HubSpot, if you’re interested in the sphere of seo and inbound marketing then I’d suggest you have a look at what’s happening over there – this is a place that people like me and others put the things that interest them, not only that if you’re interested in this sphere I’d suggest Inbound.org is the place to go to see what the inbound marketing community think is interesting at the moment. Read more


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