What’s All This About Negative SEO?

I was planning to write a little blog post on Goole’s latest Penguin update and its influence on the good old backlink, but I’ve had one or two tweets in my twitter column over the past couple of days about the threat of Negative SEO so I thought, as the two are linked, I’d treat you to an article about that instead (with a heavy dose of Penguin and backlinks thrown in for good measure!). I know, don’t all thank me at once. Read more

Does Google penalise websites for poor spelling?

Matt Cutts says Spelling and Grammar are not ranking factors although left the door open for them being ranking signals in the future.

I’ve been telling people for ages that spelling and grammar are probably a ranking signal, even though I know I can get pages to rank with spelling mistakes and really bad grammar errors. In his recent YouTube video Matt Cutts has scuppered this believe, however in the process did give some interesting insight to Google ranking signals.
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