Best Practices for Creating and Optimising Registration Forms

A conversion funnel starts quite wide, as it’s made up of a load of different types of advertising and marketing activities. So you’re getting a load of random traffic, some of it will be high up the funnel some of it will be closer to where it needs to be, but wherever your visitor is you’re going to want to try to get them to give you their details so you can market to them ongoing. This is where the registration form would come in.

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How Do I Optimise A Blog Post For SEO?

I love copywriting.

Whilst I’m currently the Managing Director of GrowTraffic Ltd (I say ‘currently’ because who knows how long this will last?!? I might win the lottery next week, in which case I’m outta here!) I started off as an SEO Copywriter, so copywriting is kind of my bag.

In fact, if you gave me the option of doing something Managing Director-ish or something copywriter-ish, I’m going to do copywriter things. Hence this blog now.

But even I, as a loyal devotee of SEO copywriting, know that writing your content is only half the battle.

Once you’ve written it, if you want to give it the best chance of ranking (which you do, otherwise what was the point of writing it in the first place?!) then you have to optimise it as you’re uploading it. Forget to do that bit, and you might as well chuck half of your lovely blog post straight in the bin.  Read more


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