Three Tips for Getting The Kind of PPC Traffic You Want

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On Grow Traffic I very often write about what it’s like being a freelance seo consultant but as a search marketer (as well as an online marketer) I have a much broader understanding of the scope of internet marketing as a whole and I sometimes don’t shout enough about the amount of PPC management I’ve done in my time, including managing several campaigns with budgets in excess of £80k a month. Read More

Does ROI focused internet marketing spoil creativity in marketing?

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Whenever I explain to people what I do and my methodology, one of the things I’m at pains to say is that I’m a marketer that focuses on return on investment.

All my career we’ve been talking about tracing how conversions are attained and working out cost per conversions. It’s a standard format however recently I’ve been starting to think about the point of marketing and how it works to change the way the marketed to interact and engage with the brand and how difficult that is in reality to quantify. Read More

How to set a PPC Budget

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When I first meet with a client to discuss Pay Per Click, after all the excitement is over I have to have the conversation of how much, it generally goes like this:

Me: What kind of budget do you have?

Clients: Well how much do you think we should spend?

Me: You can spend as much or as little as you want, how much does your average sale cost you at the moment?

Read More

Pay Per Click Management Specialists

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Pay per click (PPC) advertising, is probably the best form of marketing currently available to businesses with a website.

Pay per click advertising is an innovative marketing method that only displays your advertisement when people search for your products or service. Meaning that your user is prequalified before they arrive on your website

What’s more, the results are almost immediate, unlike SEO strategies that can take months and sometimes even years to pay off.

Better still, you only pay for the clicks that deliver traffic to your site – so unlike historical marketing methods (such as display advertising), you don’t get charged for the number of times your ad will potentially be seen.

Years of PPC Management experience

Pay per click management is one of GrowTraffic specialities, in which we have years of experience, understanding just about every aspect of the pay per click management process. Simon has been managing Google Adwords accounts since 2007. He’s managed pay per click campaigns for some of the countries leading brands, handling millions of pounds of marketing spend per year, to deliver significant growth through this targeted customer acquisition activity.

Whether you are new to the whole PPC game or have an inhouse team working on your PPC activity we are here to help. We can work in a consultative capacity or carry out pay per click management on your behalf.

Whatever you do when you’re working with PPC you’ve got to make sure your pay per click marketing campaigns are a success from the start and continue to maximise ROI by incremental improvements and growth. That’s where we come in.

As an integrated search marketing operation, we know how important it is for your PPC activities to feedback to your SEO campaign and whether you want us to engage in SEO on your behalf or not, we’ll work with you to demonstrate how the insights we garner from PPC can be best applied to your ongoing organic search activities.

Real PPC Management. Not just set and forget.

If you’ve previously outsourced your PPC campaign activity you might have already experienced the ‘set and forget’ mentality. These are the companies that win your business then set your campaign and then leave it running whilst they chase the next PPC client. Rest assured our team will be in and out of your account on a regular basis, optimising, tweaking and being ruthless when we need to be. We’re not the cheapest pay per click managers on the net but you know we’ll be on it for you.

Additionally, whilst we have a number of pieces of software that help us to manage PPC campaigns we don’t rely on the automatrons to tell us what to do, we’ll be there in the account and on the end of the phone to make sure your campaign is performing as it should do for you.

Book a FREE PPC Management Consultation

Get in touch today to discuss your PPC management requirements. There’s nothing scary about this, just let us know what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll get back to you with some ideas. We’ll probably have to have access to your account at some point but to begin with we’ll be happy just to talk through your business’ requirements. Contact us today to get started.