Does Google penalise websites for poor spelling?

Matt Cutts says Spelling and Grammar are not ranking factors although left the door open for them being ranking signals in the future.

I’ve been telling people for ages that spelling and grammar are probably a ranking signal, even though I know I can get pages to rank with spelling mistakes and really bad grammar errors. In his recent YouTube video Matt Cutts has scuppered this believe, however in the process did give some interesting insight to Google ranking signals.
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What is Google trying to achieve with Google Panda 2.2?

It’s fair to say that Google feels humiliated by the content farming system and is hitting back in the only way it knows how to – punish everything that resembles content generation, even if it’s really good content creation for a meaningful and legitimate reason.

They did this some time ago when they downgraded the potency associated with links back from press releases. Interestingly though, when Google launched the Vince update Press Releases became important once again – in that they are a good indicator or brand, branding and marketing.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that Google loves the Panda update, however when they launched it the update caused far too many waves for them, so, they’re introducing it one bit at a time giving webmasters and website owners the opportunity to make their website and link profile conform to the changed landscape.

Credit where credit is due, in the Whitehat SEO community there has been rumblings about this kind of content spam for the best part of a year (check out Aaron Walls thoughts on this, what’s more you’ve got to hand it to Google that they’re starting to get a handle on things.

I noticed after doing plenty of searching that the sites that are appearing higher up are generally the ones that are doing lots of original content or are at least the ones where original content links to.

Is Google Pandering to Proper SEO Companies or is this their demise?

OK – so I like to think of myself as a real search marketer, but everyone calls us SEOs however I’d like to at least be known as a good, ethical and honest SEO at that.

I’m also a bit skeptical about the future of the SEO agency as they are at the moment, (and let’s be honest, there are some real sharks and cowboys out there!), we’ll be talking much more about internet marketing agencies, it will be all about the package of building a better online brand for the client, whether that be through emails, pay per click, search engine optimisation, social marketing, affiliate marketing, online reputation management etc. There’ll also have to be some element of design involved there, in short we will be moving back towards the full service agencies from the divergence into separate agencies in the middle of the last decade. In essence Panda forces marketing companies to put more focus on what’s going on onsite rather than what’s happening offsite.

Should be stop being obsessed about the Panda update?

In a word, YES!!!! The search community’s obsession with Google most recent round of updates has to stop, by constantly talking about it we are all giving much more weight to the idea that we have to always focus on what Google wants us to do instead of what we should do for the best of our website’s visitors.

If content is king, then user experience is god.

Getting Another GrowTraffic Website Live:

I’ve been thinking about how I can improve the design of GrowTraffic for a while. It needs it, but the thing is I’m a search marketer, not a designer or a developer and although I can build a website I feel there is a quality about the GrowTraffic design that reflects what it is I do as an SEO.

Instead of changing the design of GrowTraffic I decided that I would experiment first with another website, I bought a domain and started the building process.

SEO Auditing

I decided that I would create a website about a specific element of the SEO process and that’s why I bought – it’s built in WordPress and built using a theme I found on the internet that’s relatively similar to the GrowTraffic layout just a bit more up to date.

Check out my new SEO Audit website at

Career decisions and internet marketing

I’ve been working in marketing for the past 8 years or so, specialising in internet marketing for much of that time.

Recently I was given the opportunity to move from my position at 2am Media to join another company as their Internet Marketing Manager with an emphasis on search, it was more money and represented a good move however there was something not right about it, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was.

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Future of SEO with the content publishers?

It seems to me that more and more we can say that the future of SEO is with the content publishers. By content publishers I’m not talking about people that can knock out a couple of pages a day, I’m taking about those organisations that are creating reams and reams of pages of content every day, ranging from news articles to blogs to pages, this is the future of SEO at the moment.

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Making sure people value seo

SEO is an essential element to the marketing role of most marketing departments in most business. The main problem with SEO is that it’s difficult to measure.

It’s therefore important for anyone carrying out SEO for a client or internally to make sure they scream and shout about what they are doing.

Remember often the changes that you make in seoing a website will take weeks to have any real impact, so it’s important to log every single change that you make to the website – you’ve got to be really anal about it, being able to go back is essential, and sometimes you know what? Even this won’t help because your seo efforts are effected by other factors such as the seo efforts of a rival website, or changes to algorithms.

he other thing is you can be adding 20 relevant pages a day with great content however they’ll probably only get what appears to be a small number of visits, maybe a few a day in some cases – so you’ve got to focus on the overall picture and strategy when talking to the decision makers, after all if you can add 20 really good pages a day to a website and you get a few visits to each the seo team are going to be generating some serious traffic overall in a week.

It’s when the accountants get involved that you have a problem – seoing a weebsite is about the future of that website and the busines, it’s not like ppc were the returns are instant, with seo the returns take months and they are incremental and you’ve got to speculate about the success of a page.

If you focus on the individual aspects of seo too much your decision makers will lose sight of the overall bigger picture and start to devalue the seo your are carrying out for them.

As ever in business, and especially marketing, if it’s going to be done you better make sure you can back it up with data and it’s especially true when managing an seo campaign.


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