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What Is Grey Hat SEO?

If you’re an SEO savvy marketer, you will know the different colour hats stapled on SEO companies. If you don’t, you have come to the right page to learn and

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New GT Blog Header Image - Do Reviews Help SEO?

Do Reviews Help SEO?

The short answer is yes, Google reviews can help improve search rankings and general SEO practices. Whilst there is much more to it, online customer reviews can be a strong

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Simon Dalley SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Expert SEO Advice GrowTraffic founder, Simon Dalley is one of the UK’s leading SEO consultants. As an organic traffic growth specialist, he has devised and implemented strategies that have catapulted

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What are Algorithms?

Write a blog on Algorithms they said. What ARE algorithms? I asked? And, with a heartfelt, ‘sorry it’s a tough one’ …research them, they said. So, I did, and this

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