Is It Important To Add More Content To Your Website?

Google is on a mission. Yes, I know what you’re thinking; world domination. Although it may seem like that at times, Google’s more laudable raison d’être, so they would have us believe, is to provide the multitudinous users of the World Wide Web with access to the most accurate information and the most unique and original content. Read more

Why Google Dislikes Blog Networks?

This is the next SEO technique that Google appears to be going after (or has gone after big style in the last couple of months). A blog network is a group of blogs – normally bog standard wordpress installs, with basic wordpress templates and lots of content. Generally this content is generated explicitly for the purposes of creating links back to a website. Read more

Basics to writing optimised content – the one side of A4 guide:

Bear in mind how the visitor is likely to search for a product – if it’s a printer consumable they want the part number, if it’s a product like a shredder they’re going to search on more descriptive terms. The main difference to consider is that when someone searches on descriptive terms they tend to search on the plural whereas if they are searching for a specific thing they will search on the singular.

Try to think of ways in which two keywords/phrases can be added together to make many. The order the words appear does matter (although words in the wrong order can still rank).

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