SEO Training

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Having a well ranking website is an essential business need. But paying a digital marketing consultant isn’t an option for every business.

Whether you want to do your own search engine optimisation, or have one of your team learn to do it, getting some friendly expert training is a good idea.

We have courses to suit every level, from absolute beginners, to seasoned SEO experts.

Training that comes to you

We will come to a place that is convenient for your staff to deliver our expert SEO training. 

Ongoing Support

Three months free ongoing support after the training to maximise your ROI

Upskill Your Staff

Equip your staff to bring your SEO activities in house. 

Getting Your Business Noticed Online

£ 250

Half Day

What is SEO

Why businesses need it

What makes a website rank?

What prevents a website from ranking?

Adding content to your website

Building a social media presence

Optimising your website-the basics

Planning your next steps

Creating Content That RanksMost Popular

£ 500

Full Day

How content helps your website rank

What search engines look for

How to build a readership

What to write about

How to upload your content so it so it ranks

Identifying your target audience

How to write for different target audience

Planning your next steps

Managing Your Social Media

£ 250

Half Day

How social media helps your business

Choosing the right social media platforms

Building a following

Creating adverts that get noticed

Posting; when, where, and how

Managing campaigns

Dos and don’ts of social media

Using social media to make your website rank

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Why Invest in SEO Training?

Pretty much every business has a website. It is an essential part of marketing, sales, and communicating with your clients.

But if it is not properly optimised to be found on search engines, it is almost not worth having.

However, paying a Digital Marketing or SEO Agency isn’t an investment most businesses can afford indefinitely. That is why SEO Training is a good idea.

Whether you are a micro business or work alone and want to learn the basics of managing your own website, or you have a larger business and want to upskill your marketing team, we have the course for you.

By bringing your digital marketing activities in house, you can keep your sales pipeline healthy, without having to pay out every month for someone else to do it for you.

Unlike most training providers, GrowTraffic use qualified teachers and experienced trainers to deliver one to one and group courses.

Our team’s background in teaching means we have a firm understanding of how people learn new information, which lets you be confident your staff are going to leave the session with a good understanding of how to apply their new SEO or content creation knowledge.

What’s more, unlike traditional training providers, our trainers are practicing SEO and content marketing experts, improving and refining their practice every day.

Your staff will be receiving the most up to date information possible, learning how to apply their new knowledge, and coming up with practical next steps to implement best SEO practice into their routine.

Our small class sizes give delegates the opportunity to ask questions, check their understanding, and network with the other participants.

And our support doesn’t end with the course. We offer 3 months free telephone or email support after the course to ensure you are getting the biggest return on your investment and your staff are confident and comfortable with their new found skills.

Why Have SEO Training With GrowTraffic?

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Want SEO Help In The Meantime?

Many of our clients have websites that are in desperate need of attention or feel very unsure about doing their own SEO.

We will never pretend that SEO is the dark art other agencies pretend it is, but sometimes you might need a little help to get it started.

We can offer short contract terms so we can get your website ranking for you, and discounted training, so you can take it over once you are ranking well.

Once your contract and training has ended, we don’t withdraw our support and leave you to it. We continue to monitor your website, and if you start to lose traffic or rankings, we can help you out again.

SEO Audit

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A full SEO audit looks at your website, and the competitor’s, to help us identify what SEO tricks and techniques to use to get you the best results, and return, in the shortest time.

Most SEO agencies will apply the same techniques to every website in the hope that something works. They will sign you up to packages without doing a thorough online review, and without really knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Here at GrowTraffic, we believe this is a waste of your money.

An SEO audit is the only way to be sure the approach to boosting your rankings is measured, effective, and thoughtful.

There are two sure fire ways to rank number one in search engines: have a well optimised website, and beat the competition. You won’t rank highly if you have one without the other, so a good SEO programme will include both.

Having a well optimised website means it is ‘correct’. It has in it all the bits of information that Google, for the sake of argument, use to rank websites. Without telling Google what it needs to know, your website is not going to rank.

As SEO agents, we will go through your website to make sure that all the necessary ‘onsite’ bits of information are present and correct.

But doing that without an SEO audit is like trying to fix a car without diagnosing the problem. Pointless, and potentially very expensive. After all, how do we know what to fix if we don’t know what is broken?

Beating the competition is the other element of ranking highly on search engines. You only need to beat the best person out there to rank number 1. If your competition aren’t doing very much activity, you don’t need to do very much activity either.

So without having a SEO audit, you might be paying for more onsite content or activity than necessary.

A sobering thought.

Almost all SEO and Digital Marketing agencies will offer a free onsite audit, which is great. We offer the same. And a free SEO audit will go a long way in helping you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the way your website has been optimised.

Whilst there are a number of free SEO tools, a free web crawl only shows you half the picture. We carry out competitor and market research, use several of the best SEO audit tools to review our clients’ websites, then we analyse the SEO audit tools’ results and interpret them based on the other research we’ve carried out.

Of course, having a well optimised website is really important, but so is choosing the correct keywords, adding regular content, and fixing any usability problems on your website.

A full onsite SEO audit from GrowTraffic will help you identify and tackle a broader range of issues than just having the free web-crawl.


£ 100

one off fee

Onsite optimisation report

Backlink profile

Duplicate content identified

Speed check

Keyword search volumes

Keyword competitor identification

Traffic acquisition information

StandardMost popular

£ 250

one off fee

Onsite optimisation report

Backlink profile

Duplicate content identified

Speed check

Keyword search volumes

Keyword competitor identification

Keyword recommendations

Traffic acquisition information

Traffic volume analysis

Competitor analysis

Target audience identification

Persona creation

Tone of Voice recommendation


£ 200

one off fee

Onsite optimisation report

Backlink profile

Duplicate content identified

Speed check

Keyword search volumes

Keyword competitor identification

Keyword recommendations

Traffic acquisition information

Traffic volume analysis

Competitor analysis

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What Is Included In An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit will first focus on your website by looking at:

  • How many people are looking at your website and when
  • How they are finding you
  • What they do when they get on your website

We will also look at the SEO technicalities of your website:

  • Backlink profile
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Domain authority

Next, we will look at which keywords are going to give you the best chance of ranking. Unlike some SEO agencies, we don’t like to choose too many keywords-why spread your efforts thinly and run the risk of not doing any of them well. We chose keywords and variants based on:

  • Search volume of keywords
  • Competition on relevant keywords
  • Key word variants and long tail semantics

Analysing what your competitors are doing is a really important part of planning your digital marketing strategy.

Without knowing why your competitors are ranking higher than you, how do you know how to beat them?

Having a full SEO audit, whether you are planning on doing your own SEO or engaging an expert, is a solid first step in a well rounded digital marketing plan. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to see an seo audit report sample, we’d be happy to share with you the kind of bespoke seo audits we carry out for our clients.

Onsite SEO

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Having a properly optimised website is vital if you want to rank highly on search engines.

When a website is launched, it isn’t safe to assume that the web developer has properly optimised the website, or put all the redirects in place.

We understand this is frustrating, which is why we offer onsite SEO as part of our packages, or as a stand alone service.

A search engine receives billions of queries every hour. Their aim is to return a list of websites that most closely match what the visitor has asked for, and are a trustworthy source.

Onsite SEO (search engine optimisation) is, as the name suggests, the practice of optimising a website so that search engines can easily find the information they need to decide if a website matches the query.

But onsite SEO goes far beyond helping search engines understand what a website is about-it is also vital in engaging visitors, and helps them decide if the returned websites are indeed what they are looking for.

Some elements of onsite SEO, such as the Alt text on images, helps visitors who are visually impaired to navigate the website, and are an important ranking factor.

There are a wide number of ranking factors for onsite SEO. Some are more important than others, but all need to be considered.

Here at GrowTraffic, we believe in straightforward pricing and transparency.

We can optimise approximately 4 webpages per hour, once we know the keywords.

During that time, we will add alt text to the images, add in internal links, make sure the H tags contain the keyword and any relative longtail semantics, and make sure the snippet is enticing and explains what the page is about.

We will also make sure the keywords are in the text at the appropriate places so that your chances of getting visitors to your pages are improved.

If this sounds like something you would like help with or want to talk it over, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Onsite SEO Package

£ 50

per hour

4-5 pages   |   All H tags adding   |   Keywords adding to tags and copy   |   Meta description/snippet crafted   |   Tailored slug   |   Alt text and image descriptions   |   Tags adding   |   Internal links (where appropriate)   |   Any other necessary technical onsite SEO

Want more information? Get in touch!

Why use GrowTraffic for onsite SEO

Onsite SEO isn’t as complicated as some agencies make out. And these days, most web building platforms come with inbuilt SEO tools, such as Yoast.

But doing it well requires a little bit of skill.

Lets start with the basics.

Search engines, such as Google, want websites that are best for the user. It makes sense really. If a user keeps getting spammy, or useless websites recommended to them by a particular search engine, they could take their business elsewhere.

Which is why Google for example, put so much effort and money into making sure they recommend websites that are legitimate, and useful.

They want to return the best websites for what the user has searched for, and they use the details given in the onsite optimisation to do this.

If this isn’t done right, you are going to find it exceptionally difficult to rank, no matter how good your content is, or how often you update it. So if a user searches for ‘dog grooming tips’ and your website is all about dog grooming but you haven’t specified it anywhere, you are not going to rank as highly as a site that has ‘dog grooming tips’ in its meta descriptions, H tags and alt text.

You can indeed do the onsite optimisation yourself, but an SEO agency such as GrowTraffic will make sure that they keywords used are actually being searched for, and that there is a coherence between your onsite content and your onsite optimisation.

If this is sounding all a bit complicated to you, why not arrange for us to give you a call through our contact form so we can tailor our explanation to you?

Alternatively, you can have a look at our training courses to learn how to optimise your own websites.

Case Study: Content Marketing For SEO in the HR Industry

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I spent the best part of the past 3 and a bit years marketing in the HR industry – specifically HR software – and I thought it was a good idea to write up my thoughts on the experience. Everything within this blog is anonymised – I suppose it’s not hard to join the dots and whilst you’ll get nothing commercially sensitive from this, you should be able to take something from it that you can apply to your SEO or content marketing strategy in your own industry.

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SEO Copywriting Predictions for 2018

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Happy New Year!

Having not written a GT blog for some considerable time, I have now been given the honour of writing our first blog of 2018 – and what an honour that is! I know, you’re jealous. I would be too.

And so, as it’s the start of a shiny new year and we’re all feeling positive and looking forward to all the good things that lie ahead (come on; it’s only the second week of January…we’re still positive!), the GT team are going to take it in turns to make some predictions on what this year may have in store for each of our areas of expertise. I know, the world and his dog are doing it, just bear with us…we need the keywords! 😉

So, as copywriting – or SEO copywriting, to be more specific – is my thing, I’m going to give you my predictions for SEO copywriting and content marketing in 2018, based on the questions I’ve most been asked recently. So, whether you’ve been content marketing for years or are a content virgin, you can make sure 2018 will be the year you finally start to grow your business online.  Read More

How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be For SEO?

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how blogs work from an SEO perspective and one of the core things I’ve been experimenting with recently is length. Specifically looking at blog word count.

There’s quite a lot of information out there about how long a blog should be and it’s something I’ve been experimenting with recently. Read More

Hannah Weinhold

By | Sheffield

Hannah is the newest member of GrowTraffic and is excited about bringing her industry and enterprise experience to the team.

Growing up, Hannah lived in various parts of Lancashire, including Leyland, Chorley, and Southport but moved to Sheffield to study at Fine Art.

After gaining a degree at Sheffield Hallam University, Hannah had a varied career in education in Rotherham. She specialised in enterprise and careers education and helped many young people and adults achieve their goals.

Hannah Weinhold

Running career services afforded Hannah commercial experience, which she grew as a Business Services Manager and Operations Manager in an SME based near Worksop.

A combination of being a qualified teacher, careers advisor, and Prince 2 practitioner means Hannah is adept at working with clients to understand their objectives and deliver their success.

Her enterprise and commercial experience means she knows what it takes to run a successful business, and is therefore now in charge of the commercial aspects of GrowTraffic, as well as rolling her sleeves up and getting involved in the day to day.

Hannah moved to Anston the outskirts of Sheffield, between Rotherham and Worksop, after graduating and is passionate about seeing the local area and the broad South Yorkshire region grow.

‘When I moved to Rotherham there wasn’t much going on. It was pretty run down. Now, there is an amazing and exciting range of small, independent businesses, making the centre a genuinely interesting place to be. I want to use our expertise to help those Rotherham businesses grow even more.’

Hannah lives with her husband, daughter, dog, Yub-Yub, and cat, Pig. When she isn’t working she can be found being an insufferable snob about food, music, art, and books. You can probably spot her stuffing her face down London Road in Sheffield, browsing the market in Rotherham for bargains, or chasing after Yub-Yub in Clumber Park in Worksop.

How to use Google Keyword Tool for SEO

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Google’s keyword tool was originally developed with Google Adwords users in mind. I’ve been using Adwords for more than ten years now and whilst it’s essential for this task, it’s also the basis for SEO research and many other business decisions including product development.

From the perspective of gaining rankings in Google SERPs, and thereby increase the number of visitors to a website through SEO, Google’s keyword tool can be used in a number of ways.

Before going any further I should point out that I’ve been in this game so long I still call it Google Keyword Tool when it’s proper name is now Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

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Should you become an SEO consultant?

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I’ve been working in marketing since 2003. I created my first website in 2000. Sometime around 2004 / 2005, I started to get interested in SEO. It was during this time that I was managing a magazine called Professional Van and Light Truck Magazine. It was also around this time that I started noticing the impact promoting press releases had on our website’s rankings. Read More

Why use thought leadership for content marketing

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There are a lot of different ways a business can facilitate growth. In order to do this, businesses will grow their sales team, create new products, explore different markets, create a new brand or merge with or acquire other businesses.

But over the last few years, businesses have taken up the mantle of content marketing to share out the knowledge they’ve accumulated as a business. They do this to project themselves as thought leaders in their industry and to attract new customers through SEO or through arrangements with industry publications. Read More

Social Media & SEO for Small Biz: Get the Best of Both Worlds

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SEO and social media marketing are closely linked strategies, both aimed at attracting visitors to your website through organic means. Most social marketers will know that to do well on social media platforms requires a strong brand presence and high-quality content, which by coincidence, is also a great boon for your SEO. By putting effort into both, you can hope to simultaneously increase organic search rankings and maximise social reach for your small business. Listed here are some pointers that will help you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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