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5 Steps To Choosing The Right Web Designer

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Designing and building a new website for your business is a tricky process that is frequently underestimated. A few days ago, I published a blog titled The Importance of Hiring a Good Web Designer, which discussed (as the title implies!) why you need to be careful about who you employ to build your new website.

The process, from deciding that you need a new website to seeing that website go live, can be lengthy and sometimes complicated and it is vital that you and your designer can work frankly and effectively with each other. Read More

The Importance Of Hiring A Good Web Designer

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The World Wide Web has come a long way in the last few years and it is now absolutely vital for most businesses to have a website. Deciding that your business needs a website, however, is only the first step in a very long, often complicated and frequently expensive design process and, before you embark on any of it, you need to decide which Web Designer you are going to employ to go on this journey with you.  Read More

Leon Dalley

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Leon is the newest member of the GrowTraffic team adding a bit more of a creative sparkle to the website. Leon is 5 and has agreed that his salary can be paid in crayons and stickers (his favourite art materials).

Leon is a keen artist and likes nothing more than getting his art box out on a rainy afternoon and creating a masterpiece. He also enjoys reading books, baking with mummy and watching Cbeebies.

Leon loves all animals and has a pony call Scarlett, a dog called Fern, a cat called Rufus and a rat called Roger.

Leon is due to start Primary School in September 2014, but he is confident that he can successfully juggle his new post with his studies.



Please get in touch…

If you like Leon’s artwork and would like to discuss a commission, or if you would just like to show your appreciation of his work, then please use the contact form on the website to get in touch.