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International Women’s Day 2020 – Why I Love My Job In SEO

Hello and happy International Women’s Day 2020!

Rachel, the leader of our feminist SEO cult, I mean digital marketing agency, usually writes a post about International Women’s Day, but she’s on holiday this year so I’ve swooped in to talk to you about man-hating and burning our bras.

Just kidding! For International Women’s Day, I want to talk about why I love my job at an SEO agency. Or more specifically, GrowTraffic!

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Happy International Women’s Day, From GT

When you do Content Marketing for a business, for the purposes of SEO, one of the first things you do is draw up a content calendar. You match up what dates are going to be coming up in the year that you can write a blog post about. Some might be more relevant than others. Some might be very tenuous indeed.

However, if you can link what you do to a calendar date – something that people are already going to be talking about; something that people will already be searching for online – then it’s beneficial for your website. More people already looking for the type of content you’re writing, ergo more visitors back to your website. It ain’t rocket science.

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Sisters are doing it for themselves. Women in SEO
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves: Women In SEO

Are you singing the song yet? If you’re not, you should be! Aretha should be blaring out in your ears as loud as possible. Go on, sing it loudly. Let that woman stare at you.

OK, that’s enough. Don’t get carried away.

Because, difficult as it is to believe, I’m not just writing this blog post as a tribute to the late, great Aretha Franklin. Although I probably should be; she deserves it.

But no, on this occasion, I’m writing about the fact that we, the GrowTraffic dream team, are a group of four women, fighting our corner in a very male dominated world. We’re independent women in SEO. And we love it.  Read more


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