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How To Identify A Target Audience Sweet Spot – A Content Perspective

Creating content that hits the sweet spot of your target audience can be challenging. Studies have found that there is a disconnect between the content customers want from brands and the content brands are actually creating.

Many businesses create really great and relevant content on topics they think their audience is interested in, only to find their content tank. Others find themselves creating content that their audience loves, but that isn’t relevant to their products and services at all.

Falling into a habit of providing content that’s not quite hitting the sweet spot of your target audience is pretty easy. And to avoid it – you need to identify your target audience sweet spots.

What Is A Target Audience Sweet Spot?

Your sweet spot is a key area, product, service or topic that differentiates your brand from the competitors whilst simultaneously meeting the needs of your specific target audience.

Once you have pinpointed this sweet spot, creating excellent content about it should be a piece of cake. If you are successful, you will notice that your marketing efforts are receiving the maximum response. This should give you the edge you need to solidify your brand’s place as an industry leader.

For those businesses with a very niche product or service, identifying the audience sweet spot can be easier, as they have a very specific target audience.

For others, finding the target audience sweet spot can take years of trial and error. Thankfully, several factors may help you identify your target audience sweet spot.

If you are looking for your target audience sweet spot, then it’s highly likely you are already familiar with your target audience. If not, we found this article on How To Find Your Target Audience really informative.

How Do I Identify My Audience’s Content Sweet Spot?

When it comes to content marketing, your sweet spot is a unique place where your brand’s expertise and passion coincides with the interests, questions and pain points of your target audience.

So, to nail the sweet spot, you must recognise what your brand excels at, and understand what your target audience really cares about. You can then create content within this sweet spot.

Pinpoint What Your Brand Is Best At

Writing content that hits your target audience sweet spot is not always about jumping on the latest bandwagon. It’s about identifying your brand’s strengths.

What makes your brand stand out? What are you better at than your competitors? It may be a specific produce or service. Or it may be your excellent customer service.

Take Volvo, for example. The Swedish car company don’t claim to make the fastest or most innovative cars. It’s not what they’re best at. They are, however, the champions in automobile safety – and have been for decades.

Volvo’s dedication to providing safe vehicles has positioned them as leaders in the automobile industry and a firm favourite for family cars.

Volvo pinpointed what their brand was best at to find their target audience sweet spot

Another example is the fast-fashion giant Boohoo. Unlike other brands, they never focused on the latest runway fashions. Nor did they focus on the quality of the clothing they produce (which is infamously poor).

Instead, they found a gap in the market – adolescents and young adults wanting the latest fashion items they had seen on social media and TV influencers for a fraction of the cost.

By targeting this niche audience and highlighting the speed and affordability of their service, they have positioned themselves as one of the biggest UK fashion brands.

Understand Your Target Audience

The best way to truly understand your target audience is to speak to them. Send surveys out with your products or services. Email your loyal customers. Start a conversation on your social media channels.

Aside from building trust and demonstrating that you care about your customers, this will allow you to find out what your target audience is interested in.

You may be able to find pain points, commonly asked questions and specific areas of your business/industry that people want to know more about.

You could also use websites use as Answer the Public and Quora to pinpoint common phrases and questions your target audience is asking regarding your industry, product or service.

Analyse The Data And Prioritise Gap Analysis

Your existing data will give you another insight into what your target audience is looking for. Study your Google analytics, social media analytics and email analytics to find out which topics your target audience is engaging with the most.

For example, there may be certain Facebook posts that your target audience engaged with more than others. Or a newsletter about a specific topic may have a higher open rate than others.

You could also carry out a content gap analysis to compare the performance of your existing content with the performance of your target audience’s desired content. Through this, you can identify gaps in your content marketing strategy and fill them.

Find Trending Content

Earlier, we mentioned not jumping on the bandwagon. And we stand by that. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t capitalise on trends within your industry. If a trend has piqued the interest of your target audience – and it coincides with your brand – write about it!

Write For Your Audience, Not Your Brand

We come across so many brands that only create content about themselves, or only focus on content for SEO purposes. But if you want to create content for your target audiences sweet spot, you need to think about the people who are going to read it.

Keep in mind the questions you are answering, or the pain points you are addressing rather than focusing on your brand.

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