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Techniques To Promote A Sale On Your Website

Big or small, increasing sales is the main focus of several businesses. It doesn’t matter if you work for an ecommerce giant (like Amazon) or run a DIY crafts retail business, getting that first sale or increasing the number of sales can be arduous.

We’re going to explore some of the top techniques to promote a sale on your website.

Techniques To Promote Sales

Not just sales but promoting your online store or business overall will help to build an online audience.

From marketing to existing customers to gaining new ones, here’s 5 promotion techniques.

Your Email List

Collect as many email addresses as you can: customers, people interested in your events, potential customers. Then, when you launch your business or a new product, send emails out to everyone on the list.

Make sure to try and personalise the email, as well as offer some sort of reward – a promotion to those on your email list or a discount to those who refer you to friends.

Send emails to your contact list and allow them to choose their preferences. It can be frustrating and overwhelming for your inbox to continuously fill up with emails, especially if you don’t want to receive all of them or are too busy to filter them. Let your contacts choose which emails they would like to receive and how often they would like them.

This tactic is more likely to increase engagement with your emails, leading them to actually visit your online setup.

Boost Social Presence

Social applications are some of the most popular platforms so utilising them will only benefit you.

Create business profiles and share engaging videos and images of your products or services on the platform. Interact with comments, shares, and messages so that your response rate is high. That message or comment that you replied to is already 2 months old, they don’t care for the answer anymore. People will be less willing to interact with a profile that seems inactive.

There’s also bloggers you can reach out to and ask for a think piece. Or you could host giveaways to get people more engaged at the same time as increasing the awareness of your business.


You can partner with businesses with a similar target audience that offer a product that will compliment yours. This way, each business will reach a new but still relevant audience. For example, if you sell summer accessories, a relevant partner may be a company that sells summer clothes, footwear, or sunscreen. Something that is relative to your product but not the same.

On top of that, you could organise joint events with a partner brand. This could be promotional deals or gifts if you make a purchase from each business.

Utilise Your Offline Business

If you have an offline setup, make use of it!

It’s possible that you have loyal customers that don’t know about your online presence. So promote it with flyers and give them to any friends who might live quite far. You can ask your physical customers to join the email list so that they don’t miss an announcement. Or you could make little business cards with your online information on them to give to customers.

Physical customers are the biggest spreaders and may elevate the amount of digital traffic your online business attracts.


There is always the option of Google Ads if you want results fast. You can bid on the keyword with Google Ads to make sure your product lands at the top of the results page.

Not only search engines but you can also advertise on social media. If you know that a lot of your target audience are likely to favour a social platform then focus your advertisements there. You can use photos and videos in your ads and make sure they’re casually written. This makes them more attractive and easier to engage with.

Building sales, even through the use of advertisements, can take a long time. Patience and consistent promotion are very necessary, as well as motivation and commitment. All incredibly important characteristics that you’ll need to most when trying to build more traffic to your site to make sales, or to promote them.

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