The Best Day & Time To Post On Social Media

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The Best Day & Time To Post On Social Media

Here is a handy infographic with the top day and time to post your content on social media if you want to achieve maximum engagement.

This guide is a starter for sharing your content, using the best global engagement times from Sprout Social. Once you’ve got the hang of creating and posting regular content, you can adjust these times depending on your audience, product, and service. Experimentation and recording your results are key!

best days and times to post to social media

Top Global Social Media Engagement Times


The best day to post on Facebook is Wednesday at 11 am or between 1-2 pm. According to Sprout Social, Wednesday is a top engagement day for most industries, across many of the major platforms. Other ‘safe’ times to post, are Tuesday to Thursday, 8 am-3 pm. Engagement is generally lower early morning (before 7 am) and later in the day (after 5 pm). Sundays are the worst day for engagement.


Wednesday 11 am & Friday 10-11 am. Instagram is quite similar in terms of engagement patterns to Facebook with one key difference – the growing popularity of stories and reels (short content that can be viewed quickly) means Instagram has other small engagement hotspots across mornings and early evening (up to 9 pm).


Twitter sees peak engagement across weekday mornings with Wednesday and Friday being the best time to post at 9 am. It is thought this is due to many people checking Twitter in mornings to catch up on current news.


Like other platforms, Linked In sees maximum engagement on Wednesdays with the best time to post between 8-10 am. 9 am on Friday can also be a powerful time to get noticed. Most users are checking Linked In during weekday working hours – makes sense as Linked In is primarily used by professionals looking to network.


Pinterest is unusual compared to other platforms as it usually sees peak engagement on weekends with Saturdays between 8-11 pm an ideal time to get your content out there. Many people use Pinterest for project planning and inspiration, so it makes sense more people engage at the weekends when they have more free time.

Why Is It Important To Know Key Times To Post On Social Media?

Back in the early days of social media, all content appeared on our timelines in chronological order and the volume of posts was smaller. This meant everyone saw most posts by simply scrolling back through their timeline.

Sneaky algorithm changes have altered this over the years and now, unless we see content as soon as it is posted, chances are it will be lost. With posts from businesses and friends competing for attention at the top of social media users’ timelines, getting your content out at the right time gives you the best shot at being noticed. This is especially true for very fast-moving platforms, such as Twitter.

Remember – thanks to those pesky algorithms, the quality and type of your content is also key to winning those likes and comments. That’s a topic for another day though!

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