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The Best Explainer Videos Examples For Marketing

Did you know that half a million people watch videos on different social media platforms every day, and it has been estimated that this kind of content is part of 82% of all online traffic?

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos show online marketing videos that help businesses describe what they are trying to promote or sell to customers and visitors.

These kinds of content have become incredibly popular, and they have even boosted rates up so high to the point of 144% from adding one of these videos to their website.

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The characters and the backgrounds used in this video involve different colours and fit the industry of payroll and financial services that include a topic of having simple conversations, upbeat music, and help.


The colour palette’s simplicity and design show that it has been well prepared, well branded, and sleek.

Having the simplicity included also helps with delivery on the screens, and the simple details ensure that it can be kept as it is and won’t need to be updated frequently.

Bit pegs

Trying to understand how bitcoin works can be a tricky situation for some.

But the animation and the design involved in this video tell an exciting story through the character walking in one direction and what the future might look like with bitcoins.


In this video, mint gives a quick overview of what they do so that it isn’t long a boring as visitors want a video that is going to be short and snappy.

These videos help with the item that will hopefully compel your customers to look into this more.

video content is an excellent way to incorporate SEO and content marketing into a new product


This kind of content can sometimes be deemed boring, but they ran with it and made it funny and attractive.

They took the route of making it humorous, funny and authentic from what was a pretty dull idea as this will build a great direction with their audience. Adding a dash of history and character will help with this also.


This video is creative as it has line drawings to describe the drummer telling a story through his music and how it can significantly impact others through the choice of the lyrics, music, and the design of the content.


The concept behind this video is that it is a colourful variation of how you can shop online on a businesses page and browse items that look interesting to the customers and viewers, and how you can leave a review.


HubSpot likes to keep the explanation that links to their content video very simple and basic.

This can take time, but they can explain it so quickly that they can do this in under 180 seconds, and it still makes sense and is to the point of the video.


Asana is a great management tool. In actuality, as Grow Traffic, the company uses this too.

This is an excellent example as it can show the use of the animation in a simple, clear and concise way.

Asana uses its intro to welcome visitors and businesses to its website before explaining what the service is about.

The Best Explainer Videos Examples For Marketing

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