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The Complete List of Growth Hacking Strategies for Marketing

Growth hacking, as the term may lead you to think, are strategies for marketing that are outside the standard. Not the usual paid advertising, social media posts, or TV commercial strategies you probably are already familiar with.

Similarly to the standard social media posts and paid advertising techniques, growth marketing also aims to boost acquisition, retention, and revenue. The good news, though, is that they’re low-cost techniques with high rewards and pretty much anyone can utilise them to give their company a boost.

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Here’s a list, complete with the best, of growth hacking strategies for marketing that you can start using right now, from this moment onwards.

Email Growth Hacks

Opt-outs and Pop-ups

If you can deliver a well-timed action, like a pop-up, you can refocus the attention of users on your blog and maybe even drive them to complete actions. And if you can provide more than one option, that would be even better. People love nothing more than being given a choice so allowing them to say no to something, to exit without performing any action, can actually have the reverse effect.

Because they don’t feel like they were pressured into a decision. They know that it was a choice that was completely their own and the actions they take can reflect that.

Awareness and Personalisation

Sending out emails both personally and professionally with personalised details to users as well as a signature may be what captures their attention. It certainly helps you build awareness for your brand and with every single email you send throughout the day, you’ll be building the curiosity of the receivers.

Upgrade Offers

You’ve just written a 1,000 word blog and it’s good. It’s informative, resourceful, pretty standard in length for a blog. But if it’s about an industry niche, a topic you can afford to go more in-depth for, why not offer a content upgrade?

A less condensed, more information-packed version of the blog you wrote – an upgrade from a 1,000 word blog piece to, perhaps, a 5,000 word ebook. But don’t just offer the upgrade, offer it in exchange for something else. Like an email sign-up!

Encourage Email Engagement

When businesses set up automatic emails, they’re great. They’re helpful. An immediate response telling the user what’s what. But sometimes, it can be off-putting. And I’m talking specifically about those emails we receive that are “no-reply@” because who do you contact with your questions? Who do you ask for help or support now?

Avoid that if you can. Encourage email engagement from customers, let them know that you can see their emails coming through, you can read their messages and respond to them accordingly. It will end up improving your own rating because there’s someone they can contact immediately and hear a response from. Two-way communication is incredibly important.

Growth Hacks for Social Media

Reward Systems

Who doesn’t love a reward? Sometimes, customers like nothing more than seeing “REWARD” in big, bold letters. Whether that greets them in their inbox or in their notifications when they log online. It doesn’t have to be that in-your-face, though. It can be subtle, too.

Giving yourself more visibility by offering a reward in exchange for a social media share might be the way to go. Whether you offer a customer a discount, reward them with points, or offer a different benefit, it’s a good way to get your company out there.


Love them, hate them, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that their audience listens to them. They recommend a product; their audience will trust their judgement and buy it for themselves. Networking with influencers is your perfect opportunity to get into markets that maybe you couldn’t reach before, reaching audiences that may not have been interested otherwise.

Use Cheap Advertising Offered By Platforms

Social media is one of the cheaper avenues when it comes to paid advertising. With many of the platforms, you can set your own prices but this will of course, bring limitations on exposure. But you can use it to your benefit.

As little as £6, paid in daily increments of £1, on Instagram can promote your post to up to 1,100 individual accounts. You can boost any post on Instagram and that’s beneficial to you.

Acquisition Growth Hacks

Offer Free Versions

Maybe Freemium business models have got it all right. Hook users in by offering them a free version but the features they have access to are limited. And the only way to get access to those really cool, really helpful features is to pay for them.

Hang on. How do you get them to pay for the service if they simply choose to forget the accessible features and work with what they’ve got?

A free trial. Even better than a free trial: an extended free trial.

That way you’re giving users the opportunity to experience the premium plan and see just how many benefits it has to offer. 7-day free trials sometimes just aren’t long enough, simple as that. People have lives and they don’t stop happening just to allow time for them to scope out the service within 7 days. An extended free trial could be what’s necessary to encourage a conversion.

Is that the strategy version of ‘hook, line, and sinker’?

Attend Events

If you want to speak with other professionals and competitors, you need to be proactive about it. Get out there and start attending some local events or big marketing network events. Get your geek on! Talk to people about your industry niche and ask them about theirs. See what competitors have to say about their own experiences and gain insight to their angle.

It’s a great place to meet potential customers, too.

Follow Your Competitors

Competition often has a negative stereotype attached but competition doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Every company keeps its eye on competitors. It’s not about ruining their image, finding dirt on them or spying. None of that. It’s monitoring, observing, seeing how well they are performing and how they’re doing it.

If you adapt one of their methods to your own company? That’s business, it’s how it works. And it will never be truly the same because brands are advertised differently. You use the same strategy but you change it to fit your image, your goals.

Product Bundles

Sometimes, when brands have a multitude of products or services on offer, there might be one that suffers. Often, quite often actually, the bundles of services or products that companies provide sell better than the individual products themselves. Even if the user only wants two of the items in a bundle of 5.

Why? Because it feels like a bargain – it is, really. Customers might not spend on each item individually but the bundle seems more worthwhile to them. They only want 2/5 but that makes the remaining 3/5 feel like a positive addition. A bargain.

GrowTraffic: Get in Touch

Hopefully, you’ve gotten some insight into growth hacking strategies and maybe even have an idea of which ones you’ll implement into your business. It’s okay if you don’t really know what you’re doing right away, no one truly does. At least not when they’re first trying.

But if you are looking for a bit of help, you can contact GrowTraffic. We offer many digital marketing services, including social media marketing and email marketing strategies. Together, we’ll discuss strategies and techniques that will be best suited to your business.

For more than a decade now, GrowTraffic has been delivering marketing strategies and SEO to clients and we’d like to think we’ve done a pretty good job.

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