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The Exhaustive List of Ecommerce Types and Categories

Ecommerce is the buying and selling products on the internet that come in different types and categories.

For quite a lot of people, eCommerce is something we can take part in on a day-to-day basis, such as payments and purchasing items from an online retailer.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Ecommerce?

The internet is such a prominent place, so many items and products can be included.

Also, there is no limit to how they are then purchased. More often than not, quite a lot of companies are turning to well-known social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to target the right kind of audience.

What Are Some Of The Different Links To Ecommerce?

  1. Some of these different ecommerce models and types and categories are used in many other areas of marketing. They are marketers that link to business.

B2B is one of the most well-known and common types of all eCommerce; the explanation of this is the transactions of the services and how it takes place.

B2B eCommerce has been described as the work between two leading companies. This is the kind of work that happens between businesses.

  1. Businesses to their consumers

Business to consumer is about how they can look at their website and all of the different services and the reviews that have been said about that particular page. So, when they make their order, it will be sent straight to them.

  1. Business to their local government

This kind of eCommerce is between all companies and the industry that they are in. It links to the use of the web and all legal requirements.

e.g., agencies and reports.

  1. Consumer to the business

The idea behind these businesses is supposedly buying from individual consumers, even though the information they have found is accurate and they are running their own business.

  1. Consumer to the consumer

This is a simple link of commerce between two consumers. Consumer to consumer, where they are in contact with one another. It helps different people to sell what they have to an interested audience.

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What Is The Difference Between All Of The Links To Ecommerce?


Let’s go through one of these types and categories for eCommerce.

The final part of this puzzle and eCommerce option is showing you can be a service provider. You are the marketer that provides the content through writing and design.

Below are some of the services that are linked to eCommerce:


This is one of the known forms of services and eCommerce that can be provided online. Freelancers are known for doing any kind of work, from art and design to marketing.


This is another kind of service that can be provided. Consulting is simply known for being able to outsource any knowledge related to the industry and is linked to education. 

Overall training

This is similar to the previous point, except it is more in-depth. You can decide to welcome someone to the team to train yourself and your employees as an essential task. This is also generally linked to helpful parts of information.

The service  

As a service is an online-based service for all providers.

Anything from Google Analytics, Canva and even Microsoft office can be an example of the kind of software marketers can use as a service for their work.

What Is The Best Type Or Category For Your Product Or Service?

Depending on the product and service that you can provide. What is your company’s best type or category, and will it work better than some of the other options? This is something that you need to think about.

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The Different Types Of Ecommerce Models

Bricks and clicks

This point refers to the seller that has quite a few different stores and their eCommerce website.

These different channels, more often than not, include information in a catalogue and mention the locations of their stores and the website.


This kind of eCommerce can sometimes be known as “piggybacking”, as it has been mentioned that a popular site has been used to gain the correct type of traffic.

A few models have also been used, but they are just as important as the other ones in the eCommerce community.

The value of understanding and knowing

There is so much involvement in the value and knowing what the right kind of model is that includes the types and categories in eCommerce.

It allows for all of the different comparisons and decisions that need to be made. It also helps people to understand the world of marketing.

The Final Decision For Ecommerce And The Types And Categories

In the last few years, the overall eCommerce market has changed dramatically in popularity and the concept of how it can be better.

With the help of the primary link, big commerce, you will be able to handle things much easier and more efficiently; the right option is out there for you.

The solution that has been given is designed to help you to succeed without other people’s help.

The Exhaustive List of Ecommerce Types and Categories

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