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The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Hundreds of publishers benefit from a cash inflow because they partner up with companies through affiliate programs.

If you don’t sell products or services, affiliate marketing is actually one of the best ways to monetise your blog. And when you join an affiliate program, you may even get special deals for your audience and exclusive access to new content.

From online courses to website building to marketing and business, there are quite a lot of different types of affiliate programs. In this blog, we’re going to talk about some affiliate programs available where you can make the most off of the content you provide.

We’ll explore affiliate programs with the highest earning potential.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs, also called associate programs, is an agreement between businesses or partners. A business pays another business or an influencer (this is the affiliate) for sending traffic or sales their way.

This can be done through web content and social media, like product promotion and web copy for example.

The affiliates will post links to the merchant website and are paid according to their agreement. Typically, the agreement held is based on how many shares the merchant site has from the affiliate. Or it may be based on the number of people who perform an action or purchase on the site.

Bottom line is, if traffic or money is brought to the merchant site, the affiliate is paid. Having affiliates is quite a good way for business to promote and sell their products but also a great marketing strategy. It’s a cheaper yet still effective method of getting your brand name out there.

How Does the Affiliate Get Money?

When the business and the affiliate come to an agreement, the affiliate is given a unique link to the merchant site. These affiliate links can be tracked to see if the user makes any purchases or performs further action. If it’s all done within a specified period, the affiliate earns their pay – which is known as a commission.

Types of Affiliate Programs

There’s quite a variety of affiliate programs but when choosing the affiliate program, you should keep in mind the type of audience you’re targeting.

Here’s 2 general types of affiliate programs.

Bloggers and Influencers

In one industry, there are multiple formats of content out there. Even if you focus on home furniture, it’s more than likely that there will be bloggers and influencers in the same industry, engaging with your ideal clientele regularly.

Whether they upload reviews, critique interior design aspects, or similar content, they’re a great potential partner. They can feature your product or service by showing it off, or they can even recommend it after using it themselves. Ideally, your target audience will then visit your site to check out (and maybe even purchase!) your products.

Review Sites

For the slightly more expensive products, people tend to form their own judgements based on others’ opinions.

Personally, I am very guilty of doing this – especially on Amazon. Four 5-star reviews means nothing if all the rest are below 3 stars.

Therefore, it would be ideal to research some of the top review sites relating to your product or offered services and reach out to some publishers. See if they would be interested in providing an affiliate link to your merchant site in the text.

Some of the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Every affiliate program offers different commissions. We’re going to share with you 4 affiliate programs with the highest earning potential.


One of the top WordPress plugins, Elementor is a popular website builder.

As an affiliate with Elementor, whatever they earn is what you earn. The earned commission is always 50% on any sale. Some of the top monthly pays have been $10,000, where the minimum threshold is $200. Not bad, right?

This affiliate program is open for content creators, web educators, marketers, agencies, digital entrepreneurs, and WordPress developers.

Better yet, the cookie life is 120 days. That gives your affiliate link a 4-month lifespan.


SEMRush helps companies run digital marketing strategies, like those of advertisement campaigns. It’s an all-in-one tool suite, with over 40 different digital marketing tools. Used by millions of marketers worldwide, it covers everything – keyword research, competitor analysis, social media management, content distribution.

An affiliate can receive $200 just for a new subscription sale. There’s also $10 for every new lead, and $0.01 for a new sign-up.


With a cookie life of 120 days, these affiliate links give you ample time to start earning money.

BigCommerce helps merchants sell more at all stages, whether it’s a small start-up business or a large enterprise. So if you are very business-minded and you think your audience would be interested in the versatility BigCommerce offers, this industry-leading platform is a great choice.

Promoting BigCommerce by joining their affiliate program can help your audience have a commerce experience that doesn’t compromise their security.

There is a 200% bounty per referral and a $1,500 commission for every Enterprise referral. The more referrals you bring, the higher your commission as there are no commission caps or obligations.


An extremely well-known and award-winning platform, HubSpot helps companies grow daily.

Their affiliate program is offered to content creators, influencers, and anyone who has the potential to help their brand grow.

There’s two programs: the Recurring Rate Program and the Flat Rate Program.

Their Recurring Rate Program offers 15% commission monthly whereas the Flat Rate Program offers 100% of the first month’s revenue. For each program, there’s no minimum sales required to earn, and the program is free to join. Plus, cookie life is 90 days.

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