When I first started working at 2am I thought I was quite a good communicator. In fact I am a good communicator, I can effectively get someone to tell me the things I want to know through a series of open and closed questions, which I consciously take note of, just incase I need to reaffirm what they’re saying.

But that’s it just me being good at reading people – what I’m starting to realise is how important it is to keep people in the loop, and not just the people involved everyone . I’ve been used to working places where all the communication was done for me by regimented computerised systems so this is a learning curve.

Now I’m going to cc, bcc everyone to everything.

And for the first time in years I’ve had to change the heading of my emails to reflect the changing content. I think it’s because now there is more than one point of contact, in some ways it’s reassuring in others daunting to give away such control in terms of client handling, to other people.

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