The Roles and Members of a Full Content Marketing Team

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The Roles and Members of a Full Content Marketing Team

Despite businesses handling content marketing in different ways, it is no secret that content marketing is a critical element of modern business, especially with such a reliance on valuable content thanks to the new search engine algorithm updates. More and more businesses are turning to up their content marketing budgets after noticing the difference it can make to the growth of your business, Although we are likely to see a stark difference in the functions of a content marketing team from a global franchise to a small, local, e-commerce business, the importance of the roles and members that make up this type of team are equally as important from one business to the next.

At GrowTraffic, we have a team of highly skilled content creators doing the do, for both GT and for our clients. Each member of our content marketing team holds a different role. Although we may call it something slightly different at the agency, I am going to explore the roles and members of a full content marketing team in this blog post.

Roles Within A Content Marketing Team

Let’s delve into the content marketing team members that we may see in other businesses.

At the enterprise level, content marketing dominates more of a department than a team in many businesses. This tends to be the case in companies that follows a more corporate structure like large business and multinational brands.

Within this content marketing department, we often see a variety of roles:

  • The Chief Content Officer. The CCO. The highest level executive within the content marketing team. This role is responsible for navigating the overall direction of marketing and content efforts within the business. Although they lead on overall topics, they leave the nitty gritty to other roles within their department.
  • The Blog Manager. This role often follows the guidance of the CCO and is responsible for turning those ideas and perspectives into specifics with broad-level topic ideation, competitive research, keyword research etc.
  • The Analyst. This person within the team holds responsibility for performing research and analysing data from the blogs the company produces. By studying Google Analytics and other platforms, they are to generate reports, guiding the future of the company’s content.
  • The Graphic Designer. This might be an individual designer or a team of creative graphic designers. This role is responsible for the overall brand style adherence. The clue is really in the name of this role – they design the graphics and much more of the visual content!
  • The Writers. The people who take direction from the blog manager and the analyst to write the content.
  • The Social Media Manager. In medium to large businesses, there’s often one person who handles social media for the brand. That being said, in much larger organisations, there may be several people overseeing social media. There may even be a dedicated social media team for each platform.

Although these roles may overlap, or have multiple people fulfilling the same role, you can often see a pattern in larger enterprises when it comes to their content marketing department.

These roles are also likely to be found in even smaller businesses, maybe not with as many roles or positions.

Specifically with much smaller organisations, you may see a role which we refer to as the Superhero. This is the person who doesn’t everything.

Researches topics, guides the direction of the blog, integrates the blog with other forms of marketing, keyword research, SEO, graphics, and writing.

Although this may be doable for much smaller businesses, it can sometimes result in a lack of scaling and poor division of workload. Some superhero content marketers may have the ability to pull back as the team expands, others are so used to being the superhero, they find it difficult to delegate tasks. Burnout and full capacity of work are downfalls we may experience with having a superhero content marketer.

It is better to have multiple experts than one person being ‘ok’ at a lot of things.

Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

This leads us nicely to outsourcing content marketing, which may be the first port of call for your superhero!

Although this isn’t technically a role or member of your content marketing team, it is most definitely worth mentioning – after all, what’s a GrowTraffic blog without mentioning what we do? Outsourcing tends to be a common choice for many businesses, and we understand why! This blog, if anything has highlighted ask the important cogs that are necessary for the content marketing machine to run smoothly.

Outsourcing to a content marketing agency, or content marketing specialist, takes the pressure of being the superhero off you, letting you manage the business, whilst we do the content.

How to choose a content marketing agency, we understand, can be tough. Read more about this here.

Outsourcing Content Marketing With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, we have a number of experts that specialise in content marketing, whether that be blog writing or social media, we can help!

If you would like to discuss outsourcing your content marketing, or want some clearer direction for the roles and members of your content marketing team, why not contact the experts? Head over to our contact form where you can get in touch with a member of our team with no commitments.

Call us on 0161 706 0012 or email for more information.

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