Images of the Rotherham Show representing a blog by Rotherham based SEO consultants, Grow Traffic, exploring how to make a local show work for small businesses.

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The Rotherham Show-Good for Business?

As SEO consultants in Rotherham, we are always on the look-out for ways to connect with other businesses in Rotherham and Sheffield, and what better way than The Rotherham Show!

Now in its 38th year, the show is organised by Rotherham MB Council, and held on Clifton Park. It is a celebration of the best of Rotherham, with local entertainers, collectors, and businesses all coming together for one fabulous weekend!

What’s on at the Rotherham Show?

Billed as the largest, free public event in the North of England, The Rotherham Show plays hosts to a wide variety of businesses and entertainment acts.

This year, there were animal entertainers a plenty. The Galloping Acrobats-which is acrobats on horseback-not horses doing acrobatics. (Although that would definitely be worth seeing) wowed the spectators with their daring feats.

Images of the Rotherham Show representing a blog by Rotherham based SEO consultants, Grow Traffic, exploring how to make a local show work for small businesses.
Image: Rother FM

The famous Rookwood Dog Display team drew big crowds as they showed off the agility and grace of their dogs as they put them through a series of obstacle courses-Crufts eat your heart out.

Live music, a vintage hop, and a giant whale kept adults and kids entertained and happy throughout the weekend, as well as a variety of local Rotherham businesses selling their wares.

But how good for business are local fairs, and how do you make the most of it once you are there to make those sales? As SEO consultants for small businesses in Rotherham, that really is what we’re interested in!


Are local fairs good for business?

You might never have taken your local businesses to a fair before, fearing that you would end up standing around in the rain all day whilst people browse-but don’t buy. And for small business owners, time standing around is time you could be doing something else more important.

Images of the Rotherham Show representing a blog by Rotherham based SEO consultants, Grow Traffic, exploring how to make a local show work for small businesses.
Image: Rotherham Advertiser

But even people browsing is good for business. If you think about it, people might not buy at the fair-maybe they don’t want to have to carry it around with them, or maybe they only have enough cash with them for the ice cream and rides for the kids.

But they are mentally logging what you have to offer, and, if you market your business online, they are likely to find you afterwards.

And with tens of thousands of people attending The Rotherham Show each year, you’re sure to get a lot of browsers.

Local fairs and shows are also good for building your network with potential customers and getting feedback on your stock. By speaking to people you can get an idea of what they might buy in future. Plus, don’t forget, customers buy from people they like, so the best way to make sales is to chat and be friendly.


Making the most of local fairs for your business

People are much more likely to visit your stall if it is eye catching and bright. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it is worth investing a little if you have it.

Bunting and flags always work well to attract people and make your stall look festive, but balloons can look just as eye catching.

Make sure people can spot your stall from across the crowds-have plenty of signage up with more than just your business name on it. Whether you sell jewellery, model cars, or sweets, be sure people know what they would get if they walked across the field to see you.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune on professionally printed signs. You could stencil onto fabric, paint on pallets, or even have some sandwich boards propped up.

So once you’ve attracted people to your stall, what next?

Images of the Rotherham Show representing a blog by Rotherham based SEO consultants, Grow Traffic, exploring how to make a local show work for small businesses.
Image: Fresh Stitches

Get them browsing, of course! Do this by paying attention to how you arrange your goods. Clear and appealing displays mean people can see everything you have to offer and are more likely to make a purchase on the day. Having items sat at different levels are the best way to show off your wares, so consider getting different sized boxes and covering them with a cloth to make a multi-layered surface. Or, you can incorporate the boxes into your actual vibe, by using rustic wooden crates, for example.

Consider, as well, what people will actually spend. If you have stock with a wide pricing range, think about having only one or two high ticket items, as a showcase for your wider stock, but also have lots of ‘pocket money’ priced items. Unless you take cards on your stall, it is unlikely people will go to a fair and splurge all their cash on one item. They’ve got to have enough money left for hot dogs and candy floss, after all!

But even if people don’t buy anything there, you want to make sure you get some follow up purchases or enquiries from those browsers. Consider having good quality business cards or flyers you can hand out on the day, which have your social media name, email address, and website URL clearly printed on. Hand them out to everyone who stops by to have a look and ask them to follow you.

Following up after the fair

After the fair, you want to be making sure you get some business, to really get a good return on your time and money.

But how do you do that?

Taking some pictures of your stall and the rest of the fair to post on your social media is a good way to get more people to follow you. And followers are much more likely to think of you when they are ready to make a purchase, especially if you frequently pop up on their news feed.

People will normally go online once they get home to have a look at all the photos of the event, so having some of your own to put up, with hashtags (#) of the official handle, will be a great way to make sure your stall is included in the follow up. It is free marketing, so you may as well take advantage of it!

Don’t be afraid to speak to your fellow stall holders-a bit of competition is good, but by making friends with your fellow local entrepreneurs in South Yorkshire you will both reap the benefits. Just think, if your competitor likes one of your social media posts, all their followers will see it. You have just increased the reach of your marketing!

Plus, you never know what you might learn or gain by chatting with other entrepreneurs!

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