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The Top 15 Media Buying Platforms for Businesses

Have you ever wondered who can deal with all of the different banner advertisements businesses have, especially the most popular ones who will visit your website?

The most common answer to this is media buyers.

What Is Media Buying In Marketing?

Media buying is a way of buying a certain amount of space and time on specific platforms such as digital, varied websites, social media, and TV.

A certain kind of media buyer must be able to work with all publishers, manage all areas of budgets, work on how ads can be perfected, and improve your primary campaigns and their overall performance.

Media buying and planning is an important step that should be included in your marketing business, as it helps you get and perform the best when including your ads.

Currently, all forms of media buying are displayed in two different ways:

  1. Direct buy- media buyers work hard to gain the right relationships with publishers, to work on their content.
  2. Programmatic buy- how the buying strategy is completed using automated technology.

How does Digital Media Buying work?

The digital media buying option and possibly incorporating the impressions are automated. The links included in this still happen, but it happens much quicker and in a different way through marketplaces.

The usual approach involves many other steps and tactics that can be used to build the right relationships with publishers and partners. Below are the three main components of this kind of structure:

  1. Demand side platforms- where all of the marketers and known agencies can set up their campaigns and bid on ads whilst working on optimising their ads based on the performance levels.
  2. The supply side platforms- advertisers and marketers give their inventory to someone else; this is the publisher’s way of completing the first mentioned point.
  3. The ad exchange- is an area of the marketplace in which these advertisers and publishers have the option to buy or even sell the ad content that they have worked hard on.

What Are Some of The Top 15 Media Buying Platforms For All Businesses?

  1. Advidi

Advidi is a great affiliate networking associate who has worked with all people in the marketing industry and other countries.

They are known for two main reasons: that as a company, their global reach is spectacular, whilst how they accept brands is vertical. In addition, this brand has an excellent system for keeping everything safe.

It may not be the best system, but it is known for getting through the worst kind of wrong media buying platforms.

  1. Pocket math

Pocket math is the ad platform that sets a happy medium where online and personable advertising is concerned. They work mainly in the online and mobile ad industry. Pocket math is known for working with mobile apps.

When your users are in the area where you want to advertise your business, especially one like this, you will need to ensure that your bidding strategy is correct.

  1. By ads direct

This is the one media buying platform that needs a lot of work. By ads directly collaborates with all known advertising agencies with links to different publishing houses.

They have so many different types of advertising; the main ones are TV, but the other types link to advertisements. Also, other advertising has been involved and has a small link to other ads.

  1. Ad roll

Ad roll is a big outlet that works through retail outlets, other companies, agencies, and other links.

They are known for working towards retargeting their resources and everything else that is involved in the business.

Unfortunately, in this case, they are not that intelligent regarding all the media options, but they do put in the work for the services that ad roll provides to their customers and users.

  1. Adperium

This company is a more simplified online option for all of your ad platform needs. With Adperium, you will get a perfect chance to display banners you can use for your site.

In digital media buying, they are known for working incredibly fast when producing audits and saying yes to the right kind of ads, especially when putting together the best plan to stop bad parts from being involved and ensuring that everyone is happy and has other options.

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What Are Some Of The Top Media Buying Platforms And Agencies?

  1. Spin brand

Spin brands is a very well-known brand, and the media buying platform here in the United Kingdom has been recognised for its creative outlet.

The main aspects of this business are that they are authentic, great performers, known ambassadors, and very creative and strategic.

This company puts all of their efforts into working with your company so it can grow to the highest level possible whilst having the best concepts.

  1. Toast

Toast is another excellent media buying platform. However, this company is different to other platforms because its main focus is advertising all TV ads.

Toast has worked for and advertised some of the United Kingdom’s most giant ads with links to a vast selection of known media brands such as loaf the sofa company and innocent smoothies.

  1. LYO Agency

LYO and its agency can offer creative designs and marketing services to your business and other small businesses within the media buying world.

This media buying agency has partnerships with many companies, including Google AdWords, YouTube, Google analytics and Facebook ads.

  1. Priority outdoor

This kind of media buying company provides the services of anything to do with transport and other areas of more oversized items and advertising.

If the content of your media buying strategy is ideal and links to other advertising sources, then this is the agency for you. This company’s prime elements are what it is known for bigger airports, gyms, and offices.

  1. Kairos media

Kairos media has worked with so many well-known companies in the media buying industry and helps them come up with some creative, innovative, and fun ideas linked to advertising and your buying options.

What’s even better is the strategy they take towards your data, analytics, and marketing areas within the media marketing buying aspect.

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Some Of The Best Digital Media Buying Platforms

  1. The trading desk

A trading desk is an option if you want the proper digital media buying access that links to publishers.

This platform’s central aspect is a specific link that uses data from many different queries to find out the best outcome that will be the most affordable option to run this digital and media campaign.

  1. Verizon media

Verizon is a known network business.

But in the last few years, their digital marketing numbers have ranked a percentage of 71% as the highest conversion rate they have had in a long time due to the campaigns from their digital media buying and efforts that have the link to other third-party elements.

  1. Amobee

Having Amobee is excellent as you have the option and design control for creating your own digital media buying campaigns and including them on many different social media platforms.

This kind of website and platform has the access and chance to incorporate other social channels linked to your business, e.g., Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  1. Basic by Centro

Essential has one of the most extensive inventory schemes on the market currently.

They use a specific kind of intelligence tool that can be linked to other parameters and suggest the best possible outcome for how it can be optimised. Essential by Centro can also have many other features for both ends of the business.

  1. Xandr Invest

Zander invest is a company that caters to reaching the right audiences through the TV advertising and digital media buying industries.

A platform like this is solely built on first-party data, ensuring that all brands receive a unique insight into how these targeted campaigns work.

Marketers within this digital media interest can find the different users by what they are looking for from their marketing website, and this could be: their lifestyle, overall appeal and intent, the audience or demographic, and the partnership.

When purchasing digital media, the placement in which this happens is no accident. You will need to work out the optimisation and how this links to the campaign, why this happened, and the objectives.

 The Top 15 Media Buying Platforms For Businesses

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