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The Top Success Stories from Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing shows individuals how they can benefit from the sales of items and their services without using any money upfront.

1.   Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn started as an affiliate marketer in 2008 after he was made redundant from his other job. He then decided to create and work on his blog and earn money from his website.

A year and a half after creating his website, the income started to come in for an affiliate marketer who was £6601.56. Since then, it has risen to £41,259.75.

Currently, Pat Flynn is a well-known affiliate marketer who is honest about what he does. He does have other areas of earning an income, but affiliate marketing is the primary source.

Flynn thinks that as an affiliate marketer, the main thing you need to focus on is delivering to your audience.

With so much information, there is only one thing that you need to focus on to provide the correct value to your customers.

2.   Finch Sells

Finch has his own business, Finch Media Ltd. He has had his blog about affiliate marketing since 2014 and for eight years.

His first test of affiliate marketing was Click bank, by selling learning packages. Today he makes his income from producing these packages for £98.98, and he earns some of the money from these products.

As an affiliate himself, he encourages new marketers to take their risks, create great campaigns, build excellent sites, and do things independently.

He also knows that the affiliates that can continue with this are the ones that know and have an understanding of being the affiliate, the relationship and all the customers.

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3.   Missy Ward

Missy started by managing conferences for a company called Affiliate Force. She then decided to create a more efficient way of supporting affiliate marketers.

Businesses didn’t want to invest in this idea, so she decided to self-fund it. The first programme had 200 people, and now it has over 5000.

She also believes that is no way of incorporating affiliate marketing into how you run things. Instead, you can do this on your own by starting a blog and writing posts, sharing your product reviews and including newsletters.

4.   Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins is the co-founder of the Affiliate Summit. He has been in the affiliate marketing industry since 1997 and has 20 years’ worth of experience.

In 2003, along with another marketing affiliate, he created the Affiliate summit, and to this day, they are one of the biggest and most well-known affiliate marketing companies.

The advice that he would give to affiliate marketers is that they follow their passion. He suggests that they become very time-oriented when thinking of what to include for their content and cover as much as possible.

5.   Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has been in the affiliate marketing industry for more than 22 years.

In 2007, he decided to launch his blog at to build and form his brand. Through doing this, he has been able to earn £82,519.50 every year without needing to bring out a product that he has created.

The advice that he would give new affiliate marketers is to have a thick skin for working long hours in this industry. So many people think it is an easy part of the business, but that is not the case.

“For every success story that you might see, there will be hundreds of failures that you probably never heard about”.

The Top Success Stories from Affiliate Marketers

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