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The Ultimate Guide Page Titles In SEO

Being creative with your page title that links to SEO is such an important tool to have, as both of them combined can help your users and all of the search engines to try and understand the meaning and purpose of the said page.

In this blog post, as a marketer, we will be going through all of the essential parts that are included in the page titles as well as the tactics that you may need to think about when you are putting all of your page titles together, so it is as seamless as possible.

How Do We Describe A Page Title?

The main page title can be known as the ‘title tag’, ‘meta description’ and even the ever so famous ‘SEO title’ that is the essential part of your content as it sets the tone to let your users and search engines know what they need to look out for.

A significant fact worth mentioning is that all of the known search engines use these page titles for more than 80% of the time that is taken for the tags to appear in any results.

Why Do Page Titles Matter?

Page Titles are such an essential part of SEO, and once they are read by the people that visit your website and the search engines that find this information out for them, they can try and think about how this is important and what it is about.

  1. Page titles are in the main search results

Page titles are known to be used for over 80% of the overall time on these search engines as something they can click on. This lets them know that these users have found what they need and helps them look out for anything further.

  1. Page titles and the magic bullet that is SEO

One of the best search engines, Google, will recognise that they need to use certain words through their page titles to help them rank on all of these pages for the main search queries within their web world. Therefore, they use more keywords than signals.

  1. Page titles in the main browsers

These page titles can be shown right at the top of an internet browser window; an example of this could be chrome or even safari. They can also help you bookmark a webpage to your chosen search engine.

Using both of these options can help your users see how quickly they can find and keep an eye on the page.

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Why Are These Page Titles Important For SEO?

Page titles are essential for many different reasons. But they are vital for:

  • Keyword Optimisation

Page title tags are known for being the critical link for your content on any given page, so the kind of keywords you choose to include is an incline of the value they will have on your work. Choosing the right ones will help you rank faster.

  • How it can be described and the relevance of it

The concept of title tags can also be used to describe the kind of content found on that given page. Now that there is a better way to search for things, specific search engines can pick them up straight away, making them easier to understand.

  • Your headlines and the click-through rate that it has

Title tags will be the main thing that your users are thinking about. This is because of how they are described and the wording of the heading of a blog post or piece of content.

Including that creative, intriguing, and compelling title tag can help you with the chances of people visiting your website. Also, if this is the case, you will see a boost in other areas.

SEO Page Title Tags And How to Write an Effective Tag?

SEO page title tags help the leading search engines, as well as your main list of users, understand what your pages are about.

When this has been done correctly, they can be pretty impressive, help with the queries to your traffic levels, and benefit your SEO massively.

Effective title tags

  • Short between 50-60 main characters
  • I can see the focus on the user’s real intent
  • Includes keywords right off the bat


What Do You Need To Remember When Writing Your Page Title Tags?

  • Use all of your keywords right at the very start
  • Use separators
  • Add more emotion to your titles
  • Use your location when using SEO
  • Use other grammar techniques to improve your readability levels
  • Consider other tactics in your titles
  • Use any numbers in your titles to help with your CTR
  • Title tags need to include on every single website possible
  • Ensure your tags are your own and unique
  • Write for real people and not the internet
  • Make sure that everything has been optimised

How To Perfect The Best SEO Page Title Tag?

  1. Find one primary keyword to target

Target the right kind of keywords for your content and your site. This is because these will rank in other areas too. However, it is still recommended you optimise the main keyword. If you need help, use another source.

  1. Find more extended examples of your keywords

Still, you should only target one main keyword in this instance. The great thing about the long-tail keyword option is that you can start seeing results through your traffic straight away, as they will be included in your main title tag.

  1. Save and draft your SEO page title tag

The next part of this is creating and drafting your title tag

  • Focus on how you describe- this should set out what your content is about so the readers can be ready ahead of time
  • Keep it short and simple- you need to stick to the characters and leave some extra room too
  • Include your keywords- include both keywords
  1. Think about what is unique about your content and spread the word

It would help if you made sure that your SEO page title tag is clear about the content you are putting out and how you will make it known to your visitors in your title tags. You also need to keep this process simple and easy.

The Ultimate Guide Page Titles In SEO

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