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The Ultimate Guide to Google Display Banner Ad Sizes

Getting the best kind of outcome on the investment, you will have for your business is the core desire of anyone who has decided to use any type of paid advertisement.

One of the crucial parts of Google ads is the size of the displays shown and that you can use. Therefore, publishers and editors will need to know that they will need to assign a certain amount of space for this to work.

Google divides all of these different ads into specific categories. These are “top performing ad sizes”, “other supported sizes”, and the “regional ad sizes”. This is because they can keep an eye on the options, variations, ad sizing, and how it performs.

What Are Google Display Ad Sizes?

Google ad sizes, also known as Google banner ad sizes, are the different types of banner sizes available for Google’s network, known as AdSense. Like any other PPC network, Google lets these editors use various ad sizes on their websites.

Does Display Ad Size Matter?

Whilst working with your PPC marketing, the process of including a banner ad with its display network is essential. However, it would be ideal if you could simply design it and leave it be.

But, in this situation, that is not the case. The content you have been creating has control over the ad size and where they get to be included.

Most Common Google Ads Display Ad Sizes

Responsive Display Ad Sizes

Responsive display ads do not require extra work on the images for them to be included in the displays. Instead, it would be a better option to have the limit of 10 shots in each ratio, and then they will sort everything out to make sure that it all fits properly.

Regional Ad Sizes

Google ads ensure specific ad sizes are available as all regions tend to have different website layouts. This would be smaller than half a page but quite a bit larger than other various formats. Google will include the use of formats made for one leading country.


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What Are The Different Ad sizes?

Top Performing Ad Sizes

300 x 250 pixels. This format is known as the middle Rectangle in most publications as it is one of the most common ad sizes that Google offers. As an editor, it is a great decision to choose this one as you will always have a great option to fill in the space if needed.

This format is available for text ads, display ads and other ads linked to this. It is known for performing well when it is included in the section of articles or when it has been merged into the layout of a website.

Other supported Ad Sizes

 320 x 50 pixels. This is the leader board style of ad and is only allowed for mobile ads, not display ads. However, they are often used in the same way as banner ads for mobile browsing and can be used at the top of content or in the footer.

Google Display Ad Sizes

  1. Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)

This site works best when included in the text context or at the end of articles.

  1. Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

This works best when it is with the text and its content or at the bottom of articles.

  1. Leader board (728 x 90)

Best when it is above the central area of content and on websites.

  1. Half Page (300 x 600)

It gives you a better user engagement and is one of the fastest growing ads and sizes by its impression.

  1. Large Mobile Banner (320 x 100)

Offers twice the height of Google’s available and standard leader board.

Which Google Ad Size Should You Use?

If you want to make the most income from your Google ads and their campaign, I suggest creating a list of the most common ad sizes and searching all of these websites that use AdSense to check how they run things.

Specific industries will use a particular ad size depending on the size of the theme on their websites.

Google images

How To Create Google Banner Ads?

Depending on the type of banner ad you want to create, I suggest that you use an editor like photoshop. Recently they have released a new tool that helps even the inexperienced designers to create and use the most fantastic ad and social media content.

Increase Your ROI Even More

Running these ads on the Google network can be dangerous. Ads on this display network can see you have a significant increase in fraud compared to the existing search network. This means that your competitors will be clicking the ads but won’t want to buy anything.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Display Banner Ad Sizes

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