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Thinking about copywriting and SEO

I’ve been writing copy for years, all my working life; in fact, I’ve written copy for ads.


I’ve written brochure content. I’ve written articles for magazines and newsletters (at one point, I was a part-time journalist), press releases, and I’ve written a lot of content for websites.

It’s only because of the marketing work I did so early on in my career that I’m a search marketer; without focusing on content. 

I may never have had the drive to work with the copy. For years now, I’ve been working with people who tell me the text is about to be dumped from the internet, but at the end of the day, it remains. 

Copy is still an essential element of any website; text and copy are becoming more critical when you consider social media marketing.

I hadn’t really mentioned copywriting services through this website; however, after looking at my skill set, I think it’s an integral part of what I do; my freelance SEO copywriter page is now ranking on the second page of Google, let’s see what a bit of focus on perfecting this page will do. Fingers crossed.

Good content is always the foundation of what I do; it’s what I’ve done all my working life. Therefore, I think it’s essential I concentrate on being a marketing orientated copywriting search marketer.

Thinking About Copywriting And SEO

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