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Thinking About Long Term Marketing

FFS Thinking About Long Term Marketing

For this week’s Friday Facebook Session, we looked at long term marketing and discussed our top five tips for planning your long term marketing strategy. Long term marketing refers to the marketing plan you make for your business that covers the future of your business.

What counts as long term marketing will vary from business to business. If you have a very small business that just plays it by ear, then your long term marketing plan may only cover a few months. If you have a large business with a very clear idea of where you want to be, your long term marketing plan may cover a few years.

Building a long term marking plan will be different for every business. You need to look at your business plan and vision so you can decide what marketing strategies work best for you and your business.

Here are our top five tips for planning your long term marketing strategy.

1. Understand The Grand Overview

“Understand where you want your business to go, where you want it to get to and the different forms of success, what your business goals are and how you’re going to align your marketing goals and marketing objectives to those business goals”

Long term marketing is all about the big picture. You need to understand what you want your business to look like. Once you know what you want your business to achieve it will be easier to plan your marketing strategy so you can make that business goal a reality. Don’t waste time creating content that may end up taking you away from your final goal.

2. Don’t Lose Sight Of The Business

“That’s the day to day stuff, remember you’ve got to fit it into your schedule. It’s got to be good quality. Keep your eye on that attention to detail”

Your long term plan will help you get to where your business needs to be in the long run, but don’t forget about the day to day stuff. Make sure your long term plan is manageable and still works with day to day life. Be realistic and make sure you can create the content you plan to, without losing sight of the business or letting it run away from you. As tempting as it is to plan to publish a blog a day or make a video every week, you need to be sure you can achieve this whilst still managing your business.

3. Choose The Right Tactics

“Don’t just play to your strengths. We talk a lot about ‘play to your strengths’, ‘pick a social media channel that you’re really good at’ but if your target audience isn’t there when you’re coming up with a long term strategy, don’t be afraid of hinging your marketing strategy on a skill that you haven’t got because you could do the wrong strategy really fucking well but it’s not going to matter so, upskill yourself or outsource it but don’t be led by your own skillset”

Your own expertise should be a factor but make sure you are engaging with your audience. You need to be where your audience is, if you are targeting older people then maybe stay away from younger platforms like tiktok and you might want to use more traditional methods like email.

Every business is different so you may need to try few tactics before you find the one that works for you and your business. The tactics you choose will depend on your intended audience, budget and business goals so make sure you have them all planned out before you start.

4. Be Consistent And Be Frequent

“You need to be getting the message out consistently over time, reiterating the message so that your customers, your audience pick up on what you’re all about…

…some of the thing we do for our customers for example, inbound or outbound intake content marketing which is really SEO focused it’s about getting the velocity right. Getting out consistency and then growing that traffic, accumulating over time”

Customers need to see from you and hear from you to trust your credibility so you need to get out there as frequently as possible. Always remember though that quality is better than quantity.

Honestly, no one is reading your blogs when you start out, so don’t worry about making them the greatest blogs ever written. These blogs exist so that you can get traffic and get noticed. That being said, make sure your blogs are still good and people will learn more about you and enjoy reading them if they do.

Don’t overestimate how many blogs you can do. Just because you managed to do one a day in the first month doesn’t mean you will be able to keep up that pace. You might find it gets harder to write about things and you could burn yourself out too quickly and use up all your content and topics. Instead, it’s better to plan in advance so you know exactly what blogs you are going to write for the next few months. It’s better to have a consistent few blogs than a lot of blogs with no clear schedule.

5. Be Flexible

“The thing about marketing is we’re gonna try a multitude of different things. We’ve got a great plan in place, put a strategy together to implement and some things are gonna work as you predict, some them are gonna work better than you predict, some things are gonna fall flat on their face and they are not going to to work. So you need to build in some kind of flexibility into your strategy in order to change things up and do things over time that is going to rely on using things like Google Analytics to measure and understand how your activity is performing. You might want to be doing surveys with your customers or potential customer to understand your awareness if that’s one of your long term objectives.”

Don’t waste money on a strategy that doesn’t work for you. Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Even something that was working for you at the start of your plan might not work later so you need to be able to rethink and readjust if this happens.

Your long term plan will change over time and probably won’t end up looking like the plan you started with. Make sure to reflect and re-evaluate your progress. It’s important to check you are on the right track and that your marketing plan is taking you where you need to be.

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