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Three Types Of Searches And What They Mean

It is commonly accepted that there are three types of searches. They are navigational, informational, and transactional.

But what does this mean and how could it impact your content marketing strategy?

Let’s find out!

What Are The Three Types Of Searches?

Searches, or search queries, are the words and questions we type into a search engine to find an answer, product, or idea.

It is commonly accepted there are three different types and an ideal content marketing strategy would target all three.

People search in all manner of ways these days, from using one of two words to find an image (long hairstyles, for example-my search history this morning), or asking full questions (Alexa, what will the weather be like in Sheffield today?)

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Let’s break those down and see what they actually mean.

dog using one of three types of searches

Navigational Searches

A navigational search is when you type a website into Google’s search bar. For example, you might type ‘GrowTraffic’ in, instead of typing the full web address into the URL bar.

Navigational searches are the most popular searches on Google. YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and Gmail were the top 4 searches in the US last year.

What is number 5? I’ll tell you. An astonishing 85.2 MILLION Americans googled ‘Google’. Wow. And they let them have guns.

Informational Searches

An informational search is a really broad search term that won’t result in a transaction taking place. The searcher is just looking for information.

This might be something like ‘long hairstyles’, ‘flip flops’, or ‘sportscars’.

Transactional Searches

A transactional search query is one that suggests the searcher is ready to make a purchase or take action.

They could be specific, like ‘Havaianas flip flops size 5’. Or it could be a bit more generic like ‘buy flip flops online’.

flip flops for a transactional search

How To Use Three Types Of Searches In Your Strategy

Using these three types of searches in your content marketing strategy means you are harnessing people as they move through the buyer journey and providing answers and results to all types of search queries.

Optimising For Navigational Search Queries

There are some basic steps you need to take to make sure people find your site if they search for it.

Set up Google My Business to claim the knowledge graph and make sure you fill it in properly. (We did a Facebook live that discusses the importance of this. It’s about 10 minutes in. Enjoy the moment when none of us realise we are live!)

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It is worth putting some money behind some PPC to get your brand terms on Google Ads. For one thing, it stops your competitors from getting them.

Secondly, organics results are sometimes limited to about 7 on page one so it gives you more of a shot for getting your navigational term on page 1.

Optimising For Informational Search Queries

Ok, this is where your content marketing strategy gets serious. This is why we bash on about blogging so much.

To optimise for informational searches you need to create content that is informative. Do you see? So if I was looking for ‘flip flops’ the chances are I am eventually going to buy a pair but I’m not there yet.

I’m maybe wondering if flip flops are good for my feet. Do they look nice? Which are the best flip flops? Why there is such a big price difference between different flip flops?

If you sell flip flops, you should be answering all these questions I might ask. The goal is to get people to your site and keep them there. Having lots of information about flip flops will lead me down a rabbit hole and keep me on your site.

And then when I’m ready to buy, which site do you think I will go to? You have already given me such good information that I trust you now. You are an authority.

Optimising For Transactional Searches

We often see products being overlooked for on page SEO, which is madness. You want people to find those products and buy from you.

If I am going to search for ‘ Yellow and green Havaianas’, you need to have a page that is going to service me!

This works for service led businesses too. Have a page for each of your services and optimise it properly.

man searching using binoculars

If you are a local business, use Google My Business and schema mark up to ensure you will come up for all those lucrative ‘near me’ searches.

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