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Tips To Create Perfect Autoresponder Marketing Emails

Autoresponders can actually be a big driver in creating revenue for your business. It’s affordable, it’s consistent – a good way to nurture potential new customers to your sales.

They are the perfect option for busy business owners as they only need to be set up once. How time-saving is that?!

But how do you create an autoresponder? Not just that, but how do you create one that actually works?

Let’s talk about autoresponder campaigns and some things you can do to create the best autoresponder emails.

What is an Autoresponder?

Essentially, it’s a script. It automates email replies triggered by user actions on a site. These automatic replies are sent to specific parts of your audience so each autoresponder should be different for each action.

For example, you may have different autoresponders when users:

  • Join a newsletter
  • Download a document
  • Buy a product
  • Abandon their shopping cart

You may even have an autoresponder in place for when users send a direct email to your address.

In marketing, autoresponders are used to streamline campaigns and reduce workload. Can you imagine how tiring it would be to send an email to every individual who completed an action on your site? Very tiring. So autoresponders help lessen the burden, and that way everyone receives a reply. There’s no possibility of missing someone out.

Now, autoresponders are great for many things. Including re-engaging customers.

Benefits of Autoresponder Marketing Emails

Autoresponder marketing emails have quite the number of benefits. Of course, as we mentioned, they save time. But that’s not all.

Autoresponder marketing emails:

  • Maximise revenue opportunities – When interest in your brand is peaking, follow it up with a discount or offer.
  • Are effective – Can provide people with valuable information when they need it.
  • Drive income – Targeted emails can drive more income to a business compared to general emails.

Tips for Creating Autoresponder Marketing Emails

When it comes to creating your own autoresponder, it’s important to consider the preparation, creation, and optimisation. Considering these three things will leave you with perfect autoresponder emails.

For example, when it comes to preparation, think about the different autoresponders you want in place so you know the target audience. Then they are created with that audience in mind. Lastly, they can be optimised every so often, perhaps to make them more personal or to provide a new offer.

Here’s some tips you can follow when creating your own autoresponders.

Plan Out Any Autoresponder Series

Organisation is important. We know where everything is, if we’re up to date, what we have to do next, and so on.

Before drafting emails, you need to ask yourself what the purpose of the email is. Each autoresponder you create is unique to your business, a user action, and your audience. For specific user actions, you may set up an autoresponder series.

A specific action like downloading offers provides an ideal opportunity. The email series could consist of a multitude of emails:

1st Email: Gratitude or download confirmation.
Email 2: Information about the offer.
Email 3: Reminder of offer expiration date.
Final Email: Offer expiration.

Create Ongoing Tutorials

If there are advanced processes for products on your site that new customers won’t be used to, you could create a tutorial for them to use.

They benefit from being simple, easy to follow, and from links to upgrades. From tutorials, you can link to other detailed tutorials, documents for reference, as well as files and support contacts.

It’s key that your tutorial is easy to follow. Nobody wants to be more confused; they’re coming to your tutorial for answers. So it has to be simple and clear – no sales pitches, just a guide.

Appointment Scheduling

Whenever a meeting is created, an autoresponse should be scheduled. Pre-meeting autoresponders help to remind users that it’s coming up and post-meeting autoresponders keep things on track.

Scheduling post-meeting autoresponses and acknowledgements for attending the meeting make your business feel more personal. It doesn’t require much personal effort but it feels that way to the customer.

Craft The Emails

Autoresponders are known to be quite robotic. They are automated after all. So to change that distance created, write your own emails.

Keeping things simple is efficient. Things like using personalisation to actually connect with your audience, having snappy subject lines that won’t be ignored. Casual, friendly talk that still holds a polite manner will help you connect with customers way more than boring, tech-y talk.

You could even provide information in your emails, like answers to the most common questions. Customers will know that they can trust you and what you provide.


How would we know if anything worked if we never test it?

That same logic applies to autoresponses. If you monitor the performance of your autoresponse emails, you’ll see the areas that need the most improvement. While the improvements are being made, you can test the autoresponse by measuring factors.

There are tools available that help create several different offers and others that send the emails to contacts on the mailing lists. And some of them don’t require money!

For example, Sendinblue have a plan that is completely free. Sendinblue combine both email marketing and SMS marketing. There’s email support available so you don’t have to worry if you have issues.

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