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Tips to Get Your Business Noticed On Social Media (Infographic)

social media tips infographic

 1) Post Frequently

The more you post the more likely your engagement. You should be aiming for several times a day, every day.

You can use a scheduling service, like Hootsuite, Buffer, or SocialQuant to save you from having to go on your social media several times a day. You can just schedule in the week or a couple of days in advance and then all you have to do it manage engagement.

2) Find Your Audience

Do your research and find out where your target audience are. Some businesses fare better on Instagram, some on LinkedIn. Choosing the right platforms is vital.

Don’t assume you know here your audience are. Yes, they might be on LinkedIn, but where else do they browse in their spare time? By tapping into your audience’s interests, you are positioning yourself as a knowledgeable friend they can trust, and a brand they know.

3) Don’t Limit Yourself

Pick at least 3 social media platforms to post on. It broadens your reach and means you are more likely to engage with the right people.

Using a scheduling service mentioned above means you can easily manage more than one social media platform. As in point 2, your target audience is likely to be in multiple places, so post to multiple places.

4) Post Other People’s Content

Don’t feel the need to tell your audience about every little detail of your day. You’re right, it is boring. Instead, post other people’s content. Don’t rip it off as your own but repost it and offer an opinion.

It’s the 80/20 rule: 80% useful information for your target audience, 20% information about your business.

Consider this analogy. A person buying a teapot might be interested in how the teapot is made, but they are more likely to be interested in making a great cup of tea, holding a tea party, or recipes for tea cakes. True, they might not be, but by only posting about the teapot, you are limiting your interest potential.

Follow thought leaders in your field, read websites and blogs aimed at your sector or by people you admire, and talk about it on social media.

5) Engage With Others

The more you click, share, like, repost, and comment, the more it will happen for you too. Don’t just bombard people with your content without giving anything in return.

Social media is just that; social. Doing the internet equivalent of sitting in a corner not talking to anyone won’t get your business noticed! Engaging with others and making friends will, though.

6) Pick The Right Time to Post

Think about when your target audience are likely to be looking at social media and post then. Is it the commute? Lunch time? Evening? Or work hours?

If your business is B2B, its ok to post in work hours, but also try to hit the commute and lunch time. If your business is strictly B2C, post later in the evening. It is when your audience will most likely be browsing.

7) Post Your Own Content

Driving traffic to your website through your social media helps you rank more highly. Every time you post something to your website, post it on your social media and include a link to it.

If you are serious about building your online presence you need to be adding content to your website regularly, whether this is through fact sheets, blogs, infographics, videos, or whatever. And once you have uploaded it, you need to tell people about it.

Adding it to your social media accounts is a great way of sharing all the content you are adding to your site.  It shows you are credible in your field and engages your audience.

8) Monitor Your Analytics

Track your activities to understand what is getting interest and do more of it.

Not knowing what is effective is going to make your work a lot less targeted, and therefore a lot more hit and miss.

9) Be Topical

Comment or blog about news stories, trends, or current interest stories. It doesn’t have to be directly linked to your area of expertise, but it is good if it is. Research what # are trending and incorporate those to raise your profile.

Having an opinion on a new story or trend can be a great way of encouraging conversations on your social media. Just be careful about stating an opinion about something that is polarising. You don’t want to alienate half your target audience!

Sometimes, simply asking the opinion of your followers is enough to get the conversation going.

10) Be Consistent

Your social media presence needs to be consistent with the rest of your online presence. Make sure your branding, tone of voice, and images used are consistent with your website.

If your tone of voice is formal on your website, make sure it is the same across all of your social media accounts.


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