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SEO Training

Having a well-ranking website is an essential business need. But paying a digital marketing consultant isn’t an option for every business.

Whether you want to do your own search engine optimisation or have one of your team learn to do it, getting some friendly, expert SEO training is a good idea.

We have courses to suit every level, from absolute beginners, to seasoned SEO experts.

Training that comes to you

We will come to a place that is convenient for your staff to deliver our expert SEO training. 

Ongoing Support

Three months free ongoing support after the training to maximise your ROI

Upskill Your Staff

Equip your staff to bring your SEO activities in house. 

Getting Your Business Noticed Online

£ 250

Half Day

What is SEO

Why businesses need it

What makes a website rank?

What prevents a website from ranking?

Adding content to your website

Building a social media presence

Optimising your website-the basics

Planning your next steps

Creating Content That RanksMost Popular

£ 500

Full Day

How content helps your website rank

What search engines look for

How to build a readership

What to write about

How to upload your content so it so it ranks

Identifying your target audience

How to write for different target audience

Planning your next steps

Managing Your Social Media

£ 250

Half Day

How social media helps your business

Choosing the right social media platforms

Building a following

Creating adverts that get noticed

Posting; when, where, and how

Managing campaigns

Dos and don’ts of social media

Using social media to make your website rank

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Why Invest in SEO Training?

Pretty much every business has a website. It is an essential part of marketing, sales, and communicating with your clients.

But if it is not properly optimised to be found on search engines, it is almost not worth having.

However, paying a Digital Marketing or SEO Agency isn’t an investment most businesses can afford indefinitely. That is why SEO Training is a good idea.

Whether you are a micro business or work alone and want to learn the basics of managing your own website, or you have a larger business and want to upskill your marketing team, we have the course for you.

By bringing your digital marketing activities in house, you can keep your sales pipeline healthy, without having to pay out every month for someone else to do it for you.

Unlike most SEO training providers, GrowTraffic uses qualified teachers and experienced trainers to deliver one to one and group courses.

Our team’s background in teaching means we have a firm understanding of how people learn new information, which lets you be confident your staff are going to leave the session with a good understanding of how to apply their new SEO or content creation knowledge.

What’s more, unlike traditional training providers, our trainers are practising SEO and content marketing experts, improving and refining their practice every day.

Your staff will be receiving the most up to date information possible, learning how to apply their new knowledge, and coming up with practical next steps to implement the best SEO practice into their routine.

Our small class sizes give delegates the opportunity to ask questions, check their understanding, and network with the other participants.

And our support doesn’t end with the course. We offer 3 months free telephone or email support after the course to ensure you are getting the biggest return on your investment and your staff are confident and comfortable with their new found skills.

Why Have SEO Training With GrowTraffic?

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Want SEO Help In The Meantime?

Many of our clients have websites that are in desperate need of attention or feel very unsure about doing their own SEO.

We will never pretend that SEO is the dark art other agencies pretend it is, but sometimes you might need a little help to get it started.

We can offer short contract terms so we can get your website ranking for you, and discounted training, so you can take it over once you are ranking well.

Once your contract and SEO training have ended, we don’t withdraw our support and leave you to it. We continue to monitor your website, and if you start to lose traffic or rankings, we can help you out again.